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Fundraising, Projects & More!

Everyday behind the scenes Zenratstudios quietly works to build and expand. Both in terms of our own spiritual and personal development and in terms of our growth as a business. As of this date the main goal has been getting a website up, getting information out. Creating products behind the scenes, editing those products, testing, and landing pages. One single person cannot do this alone. I cannot do this alone. Especially not something of this scale, and not with the million different products ideas that I have, only a handful of those ideas ever make it to fruitation, and less than that get filtered out to what will actively be worked on.


Afterlife – The Game of Self Discovery

Zenratstudios is proud to say that “Afterlife” the first game that will be produced by us, is in the last stages of its creation and ready for demo testing, and possibly a major revision. After doing lots of research the decision was made to hire independent contractors: artist, writer, and a game developer to help steer the rest of that project while I work on fine-tuning the details of Zenratstudios.


Zenratstudios Business Models

“Zenratstudios” is the studio that produces: Games, Ebooks, and is behind “Guardians Of Life” and an upcoming Project that we will unveil soon titled: “Project Graveyard”. As a studio managing and delegating these products, and these concepts is a massive undertaking. Developing marketing strategies and doing social, uncovering communities which might be interested requires either that the Founder take on a different brain, find a volunteer, or raise funds to hire a helper.

The main strategy has been to create products, put them on a shelf, generate traffic. But also to create games we can all partake in together, that tell our stories, where we are the Hero who develops and changes. In this way, much of my time in April has been spent brainstorming, and figuring out how a Hermit who hasn’t left the house in years can best bootstrap this business. How can someone like, “That Kid” rise to the occasion and make a difference?

Zenratstudios is more than just a game company. We hope to position ourselves as key players for real social change.

  • We value honesty, but we also value identity, and the ability to create yourself and represent yourself as the authentic representation of who you are and what role you decide to play.
  • We reject crime wholeheartedly but value anonymity and the ability to decide what face we choose to present to the people, this is choice and the freedom to be as we so fit.
  • We value kindness, and creating a system that fosters trusts in a world where faces are always changing, but also believe that people need a way to be held accountable for abusing people and others.

For Zenratstudios, hiring content writers, marketers, people to handle social media, and collecting a team is crucial to help coming up with the best methods to do this. We also need communciators and artists, to create trailers and posters that can help get this message out. To that effect Zenratstudios may take a few years to get up and running initially. But the need to create a better world is constantly increasing.

We are currently shifting our focus to, is developing a complete system or eco-system, that will foster acts of kindness and reward it. It is a large-scale game that can be adopted without sign-up, or registration. Free to play, and interact with, and we’re working on reward systems.

What Zenratstudios seeks are solutions to the days world problems, the solution of creating widespread adoption. The creation of systems and rewards such that developing ourselves and putting back into the world is rewarded. Fundraising is part of that mission, but so is designing that system and getting the word out.

Multitasking as an individual is difficult to do, so raising funds for both Zenratstudios mission, and our games is a must.

Guardians Of Life

The most exciting project we have is the “Guardians of Life“, which is an alternate reality game based on the fictional group known as “The Stone Warriors”, their story and where they come from will be revealed as time goes on. Hiding little tombs and histories throughout the world for people to uncover their story just like games. This is lesser to the overall purpose in which they serve, that is bringing people like “You” together, as individuals, and asking you to answer the call of Hero by working on yourself.

Zenratstudios wants to take this far, to raise capital, to create a system of trade and use currency that is not only backed by USD but wherein any person can participate and earn a living simply by being their best selves.

Digital Currency a.k.a. “Cryptocurrency”

We see a lot of potential for digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. Everyday digital currency is being born every day. They are all the same, having only the value that we give it. The applications for how this can be used and how this can be integrated into our day to day system, to create a virtual eco-system is huge, and goes beyond the USD based shops that we have.

It also creates possibilities that the real world and day to day world doesn’t have. The ability to get paid for improving yourself, interacting and engaging with kindness in the world, and more importantly, the ability to make some living via play. These are big and broad implications, and requires some testing, and this is an aspect we are exploring right now.

Fundraising: “Project Graveyard”

Introducing Project Graveyard, our first fundraising method!

Here our focus is fundraising and raising this capital, marketing, social media, and content-writing (communication). This is the hard part, because it takes so much time as a solo-preneur with limited funds (less than $50 to play with per month now). Here, I start small and scale up. We try to figure out how I can grow $50 into $100, look for opportunities to delegate some of these tasks.

The current method is focusing on fundraising quietly via bootstrapping and after we’ve taken it as far as we can go reaching out to the community via marketing. Ideally we should make some income and as soon as we can afford to begin hiring content-writers, social media posters, and marketers. Even just a team of 3 people would be enough.

Project Graveyard is a fundraising project that involves using the latest digital currency in an attempt to raise funds. In many ways Project Graveyard is its own exchange, but there are issues with that which require thought.

There’s not much we are ready to reveal about this other than that it is in the works. Because Zenratstudios is much bigger than a game, and because fundraising the company allows us to fund our smaller projects, Project Graveyard has been implemented.

What we CAN say is that Project Graveyard will involve digital currency and will function as a game, where you can earn rewards that can be used beyond our game. It’s a Fundraising project that PAYS you!

The target aim for this game are everyday users and the implementations of that excites us!

10 Things To Do When You’re In A Low

1. Don’t React

The first thing to do is to take time to yourself and sit quietly, but after the quietness is the response. To respond rather than reacting gives us a chance to respond appropriately rather than irrationally, we could respond by disengaging, deescalating, not throwing fuel to the fire. Responding to your current low constructively by putting away anything that could do or cause harm to yourself or others. It helps to step back and to think things through.

2. Cry but Don’t Attach

Just let yourself feel what you feel, but don’t attach to them. Give yourself permission to be down. Let the thoughts come and fall away. Rise and drift. It will pass, happiness will come again. Yes you’re tired, yes it hurts, yes this feels bad in this moment. That’s where we are right now. So love ourselves and have enough compassion for ourselves to let ourselves cry. There is no rush to feel better. You are where you are now, you feel what you feel now, it’s OK not to be OK, just try not to attach to that feeling, it’s important not to let it define you but rather to use it as a moment to simply be down and recuperate. Crying is part of our bodies healing process.

3. Connect or Reconnect With Your Allies

If it’s possible (and this is not always the case). Find and seek out people to talk to. Maybe it’s a therapist or a counselor. Share with someone you trust and who listens. Or just hang out with someone who makes you feel good and who cares about you and your well-being genuinely. You don’t even have to tell them you’re feeling bad.

I love volunteering and giving back, but sometimes I am in such a low that it doesn’t help. When I’m down and don’t feel like I can talk about it sometimes I seek out someone to hang with because being in their presence makes me smile and laugh. For me that person is my grams. We don’t always have this as an option, and during a low I don’t always have the energy to seek out new experiences. Which is OK. We’re going to have to face the solitude and be alone with ourselves some time. Which is all the more reason to prepare a sanctuary a feel-good environment that acts as a temporary buffer between us and the rest of the world as we recover.

4. Disconnect With Toxic & Unsupportive People

“Toxic Person” in this scenario can mean anything from a person who mistreats you, who we might have baggage with. More than likely it is a person to whom we perceive as toxic during a low.

There are all types of toxic people in our life. From the extreme cases to the mild cases. There can be the ‘caring’ friend who gossips behind your back and spreads rumors. There can be the person who might be passive-aggressive, ask how you are doing, express they care, but always have ulterior motives and more often than not express it to other people who keep the gossip going and/or return it back to you.

For some people disconnecting means cutting people out of your life. But if you have made a genuine commitment to not turn away others from your heart but rather open wider to them as well as  not to depend on others for your external happiness then it is important to know ‘when’ to break away and recoup. Not only for the other person, but for yourself. During a bipolar low these type of toxic people can trigger feelings of despair, loneliness and suicide. Every little quip they do that hurts you when you’ve asked them not to or to stop becomes a siren of pain.


5. Do Not Confront, Retreat into a Sacred Feel Good Space

Now more than ever is important to hold to constructive and loving speech. If your desire is to never speak with harm or hurt people (and it is definitely my desire and what I advocate for) then know that this is NOT the time to confront someone who may or may not listen, care, or may even use how you feel against you OR themselves later.

People who suppress their feelings and are passive-aggressive can also manipulate and use what you feel or do against them. Lashing out at someone gives them ammo, gives them reasons to justify and even at times indebt you to them. To make matters worse People in general are constantly numbering your sins and looking for reasons where you are more ‘trouble’ than you are worth to them. Sometimes when we confront someone we are trying to make it better, but when we are in a low we go about it all the wrong ways and we view everything as a ‘slight’ against us when in reality nothing anyone does is personal, no matter how personal we make it feel. It’s always about them, just like our reactions to them is about us.

It’s important to not give them anyone YOUR power of self-control, but also to maintain the practice of speaking only constructive (not destructive) thoughts, and to build people up ALL people, to accept people into your heart. You have to know when to turn away and love them from afar and simply observe your heart.

The only way to do this is to retreat into a sacred feel good space. Your own personal sanctuary. This is the place where you give yourself TLC. You cut out anyone who isn’t feeling good for you at this moment, binge watch your favourite show, pamper yourself laugh, cry. Deep down you may cry because the world on the surface is like that and rewarded for that, but you can also smile at the lessons it teaches you and the challenge it gives you to expanding your heart like a muscle, to loving, to being a stronger force for love.

Really take the time to care for yourself and work on recovery.

6. Observe Yourself, Seek The “Middle-Way”, The Neutrality, “The Truth” & Reconnect to Source

The Truth we think we know are really just opinions and ever-changing facts and how we perceive them through our current emotions at the time.

Emotions however are just ‘signals’, bringing attention to inner conflicts or freedoms from conflicts within ourselves. Through meditation, reflection and observation of myself I have monitored my lens and the switches enough to know that the switch of happiness and sadness are just states of being, they are not actually me. They are simply a lens like Love or Hate. And we can cultivate that vision. In time we can turn the switch on and off and observe how radically the world changes, how radically we change. How what once was true is now is a lie. I used to be confused when this happened, but now I see it as a symbol of nonduality, as a great time to get to the heart of reality. That reality isn’t the labels we apply to it or people.

Seek this ‘neutrality’, seek to see people from that place of love. That place where they are pure, and radiant and beautiful, that place underneath that shadow that we’re all connected. See it them, see it in yourself, and connect to that source.

7. Look For the Lesson, The Silver Lining

In a high or positive emotional state I might list all of a persons positive traits. The things that make that person awesome to have on your side and to really look for similarities. How are we alike rather t han focusing on the differences and all the negatives.

Seeing things from a positive or negative lens comes with it’s drawbacks. But being able to perceive life through a more neutral lens, how things just are without colouring them is important. To see a person and even a situation just as it is, beneath all the layers, underneath the core. To even learn to find love in that situation, to connect with that energy and source in it’s most neutral form, without need or want.

In those moments where I am still I need nothing fromanyone, and I can see through the relationships and the underlying business transaction that lies within all relationships. That relationships are a business transaction by which we rely on external factors for happiness. But it’s in these moments, that I can really see the illusions, and my entrapment in them. And it’s in those moments that I can only smile at the pain, and the situations and thank the  situations that feel ‘bad’ for what it has taught me and how it has given me the opportunity to grow my heart larger. No one can really ‘make’ us feel anything that’s all within us. We create our own pain, it does not exist outside of our head. It feels very real because it is very real, but beyond our minds and bodies it doesn’t exist.

More importantly during a low I feel grateful because it allows me to see where I still need work, brings attention to things that still haunt me, and helps me utilize cumulative skills and mental priming to see those emotions for what they really are.

8. Feel Gratitude

Without the negative emotion an event or person or LOW challenging you, you would never realize your strength, and how big your heart can actually be. It may be hard to be grateful for it, but when I smile, I smile because I know even if I don’t ‘know’ it in this moment that my heart is bigger than this emotion, it’s expansive.

It’s in that sacred space that I can list all the things I am grateful for and happy towards in life, including the things that generate feelings of pain. Perhaps more so because of those feelings of pain that I can truly rise to the challenge of being Love and practicing compassion not just towards others but myself.

Even when I am tears I smile at my pain with compassion. I feel it in my hands, observe it, look over it. And I thank it for bringing attention to some things that I might not have known were there. But the biggest gift it brings attention to is letting me know where I need to appreciate life and people more, it’s helping me see my own Ego, where I’ve become too reliant or dependent on others, allows me to see places where I need to love more.

9. Let Yourself Be Scared

I always get a little scared sometimes in a Low that maybe my heart isn’t big enough. Maybe this is the moment I break, the moment I give in and die. Where I lose everyone and thing that matters to me and am left with this emptiness that I cherish when I feel neutral but fear when I come from a place of ego, emotion and self-preservation.

10. Visualize Love

I like to imagine meeting a higher version of myself and letting this being that radiates love take over my body so that I can check out. While I am checked out, I slip away into the garden within my mind a sanctuary. I meet the higher selves of others, like my friend. There I imagine our higher selves having a conversation, and I ask her and others what they came into my life to teach me, what lessons do they have to give and how can I best use this to help the world. I then turn to my higher self, or source, or love, or any entity I view as wiser than me or interconnected and connected with me. I let them fill me with their love, drink in the warmth of their love and let it soothe the burning pain in my heart and body like a cool balm that chills and warms my soul so that I feel cozy and snuggled up in a warm blanket. The womb of life. In this space I visualize all the places I feel lack are that I am unhappy with, and then I imagine little spheres or orbs of love vibrating and rising from my heart. I place these orbs of love into the places I feel lack. I fill those places with love and then I watch the orbs vibrate and frequency and rise and expand with me as we continue our expansion of love and becoming love.

Sometimes in this garden I ask for guidance. I look for solutions and opportunities. But when it’s all over and it comes time to leave the garden I step out and return to my body. I walk into a cottage within my mind take off my coat and scarf, sit on a sofa in front of a fireplace, drink hot tea and I bask in the feeling of warmth and love. I do all of this in my mind’s eye, and slowly but surely I feel myself start to feel better. This process becomes quicker with time and practice.

How To Reconnect With What You Love and to Who You Really Are

Sometimes you have to fall a little bit to remember who you are. This past week highs turned into creeping lows. The person I knew myself to be whithered away, and the person I was, was gone. For a moment I lost touch with the heart of my project. I was someone else, and that someone else couldn’t remember the point. When I finally reconnected with my project and my life I had been cultivating it was a breath of fresh air. Perhaps I’m more of an extreme than most people. I shift personalities the way some people shift suits. The extreme jump from being Person A to being Person C. Watching Person A get allocated to Person’s Z’s mind. Feeling as though one day everything I loved is gone and I can’t relate to what I loved anymore, what I valued, or believed. In those moments it goes beyond not caring, but to feeling differently, to not even understanding why I even want to help or share with people who do not want to help themselves. It’s that part of the mind that clocks out, who doesn’t care to share with a people who might not understand how good it feels to be connected in this place. And it’s in those moments that I lose my connection.

There are insight to be gained from these moments.

I’ve always known that hidden beneath the changing minds, the changing realities, the changing perceptions there was one core reality. One true self, that could be integrated with the whole. I know how good it feels to be connected to this whole, this source, without the fear. And all the work, all the years I’ve spent cultivating tools to help me integrate my whole, to help myself feel connected to the source, to see. To see what is, what’s real, and not what isn’t. To see who we truly are underneath all the personality and the masks, and to build ourselves up and create a better world, a better reality for ourselves and others.

Our goal here should be to connect with our core self, to shed away all the things we are not, to connect with this entity and to remember who we really are. From this place we can expand and cultivate a self that is transformed and connected with love and source, and retreat as refuge to this place daily until we have merged completely into this place of love. It is a practice, and we all have a habit of falling away from this source. But imagine this core self like a plug, and when you fall off the horse, all you have to do is replug, reconnect. No need to feel sorry or sad about yesterday, about giving into our sadnesses, our jealousy’s, losing ourselves. All of that’s gone, all there is, is just this moment. And from this moment you can plant anything.

So here’s some tips on how to reconnect with yourself and who you are, to reconnect with this place of Love and Source.

Set Aside Minutes

Even if you’re distracted and your mind is completely preoccupied and absorbed in something else, set aside a few minutes. Maybe start off with a few seconds, then try again, maybe throughout the day maybe even the next day. Stilling your mind is a super power. It’s like stopping to see if you can levitate an object, but in this case you’re stopping to see if you can still your mind in order to reconnect with yourself. Without quieting the noise. The feelings you won’t be able to hear yourself.

Ask Basic Questions Throughout the Day

The first question asks, if you want to reconnect with your project. And why not? What resistance are you facing? Why don’t you want to work on your project? Make this an exercise. You might find that even when you can’t still your mind everyday you’re able to elicit questions from yourself every day. This is essential. Try to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, why you loved what you loved? Do you still love it? Has it changed? What about you has changed? Do you feel differently? What do you feel? Why? Ask yourself questions, and then ask your questions questions, keep answering them.

This self-elicitation, or self-inquiry is an exercise and the purpose it serves is to uproot barriers and get to the source, the heart of the matter.

Uproot the Barrier

All of these questions are meant to do two things. One they’re meant to uproot the barrier, to get to the conflict. That inner conflict, that little voice that conflicts with what you believe or want. Maybe you’re sad because you want to be working, but maybe you’re not working because you don’t feel like you’re any good, you’re an imposter, not smart enough. Or maybe you’re not working because you can’t get yourself to care about it but you want to care, and if you ask yourself why you care, you might say it’s important to me, and if you say it’s important to me, you have to ask why and then figure that out. The barrier is the belief or thought that stops you. The reason your mind gives you from not pursuing something or to pursue something else. It may be accompanied with sadness, or happiness, or even just awareness that you’re not doing something else and don’t care. Even if you don’t care in one moment, you may care in the next, and having these questions ready is the purpose.

The second reason is, aside from the barrier, uprooting the barriers and challenges help you to discover what you want, or the why, the ‘what’. Understanding the roots helps you understand the ‘what’. When you’ve determined what you want to do, you can remove the barrier and realize what and why it is what it is. You can go a step further and ask more questions, sometimes the questions lead themselves into a loop. But if you can ask the right question and uproot the barrier. Then you’ve discovered your core “What” , your “Why”, and it’s that why. Remembering why you’re doing any of this, that can help reignite that passion. That’s the goal.

Note. The goal isn’t to look for reason to reconnect. You don’t need a reason, it’s already there. The goal is to listen to your heart, and to remind yourself. To uproot any barriers or conflicts within your limited beliefs and systems that keep you from it. The more you create a habit of doing it the quicker and easier this process is.

Throughout the Day Breathe in Pain, Send out Love

It feels weird to say breathe in pain, send out love. That’s a practice called Tonglen and Loving-Kindness meditation. When you breathe in pain of the world you hold it within yourself and transmute it with a cool balm of love, and then you send that love back out. You transform the world around you with love. Take in pain, transmute it into love and send it out. One way to transmute the pain is to visualize yourself connecting to a source and well of infinite love. Then visualize that source of love transmuting your own pain with love. Explore that pain, examine it, question it. Don’t attach to the thoughts, just inquire from them. Breathe in the pain deeper into love, let it turn into that love, and then breathe it out until nothing but love surrounds you.


We come full-circle. Eventually we’ll arrive at the stillness within us. All will be silent, and in that silence we are home. And in that place if we listen we will find our passion again, it could be just a spark. Something that reminds us. But do this a little bit every day, set a little bit of time each day to allow your project, yourself, your love, anything you want. We can’t always be connected with this source, this place within ourselves 24/7, especially not in the beginning. This is OK. Do these steps, practice these 5 steps everyday that you struggle with writer’s block, or disconnection from your love, your project, from anything. Relax into it, give yourself space and room. Don’t push it, and it will come. Just like that. Treat it like a daily exercise, where some days are easier than others, others not so much. It’s from this place of clarity that you can determine what your next actions if at all will be, take the right steps, make the right moves, and do whatever it is you wanted to do with your life.

How To Remain Productive When Finances Are Down

Today I have $12 in my bank account.  I live off of $700/month and only have room to spend $200 each new month. This past week my car a former salvage title was totaled, they gave me 2k and with the help of my grandmother and 90% of my income I was able to get a new used car. It blew away my savings and my cushion and left me with a dilemma I feel many new indie developers and other entrepreneurs struggle with: Remaining calm, grounded and productive when you’re running on bankrupt.

Here are some Tips I use to stay positive:

What Is Does Not Determine What Will Be

Think about it. What is right now could be you are a single, no children. Then one day something happens and you are a future parent. One day you are a parent, with dreams and future for your children, then the next all those dreams are gone because your child died. One day you have a best friend or a lover, and everything seems great, and the next day they’re gone. Maybe less dramatically one day you don’t have a fridge, and then the next day you do. One day you’re not here, the next day you’re born, and the next day after you’re dead: If every moment in the now, determined what will be tomorrow, then nothing would be here. That’s the beauty of impermanence.

Reevaluate, Strategize and Keep Moving Forward

Take a moment to reevaluate your situation, what’s going well, what isn’t. How much income is going out, how much income is going in, develop a strategy and keep moving forward.

It’s important to come up with a well researched plan of action, taking note of the pros, the cons, the common pitfalls and trap and to develop a plan to act and to keep moving forward. If we don’t know or aren’t sure, then it’s important to be receptive and open to receiving a message or an idea and to work towards that.

Have Some Faith Too

Develop and cultivate the mantra: I do not how, but somehow I know that everything will work out in my favor. There’s a quote floating around that states, “Faith is not about everything turning out okay, Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.”

Trust that no matter how things turn out that you will always be OK, that you are equipped and can become equipped to adapt to those surroundings, to transform and reinvent yourself to those needs. If you’ve familiarized yourself with the Unconditionals then one of the core precepts  is Unconditional Transformation and Unconditional Learning, this is the ability to learn from your surroundings, and to allow those surroundings to transform you. To constantly reinvent yourself and grow within the present of every Now.

So Have Faith in knowing that you’ve got this, that this is only temporary and will remain temporary if you keep moving forward. It’ll all work out in the end, you don’t have to know how, just know that if you persevere (unconditional perseverance) you’ll succeed.

Ask Yourself: What Action Or Step Can I Do To Help Get This Going Today

Be receptive and open to this. Go about your day, read, look for inspiration, brainstorm. Focus on steps, actions, plans not on the bank account. See the path you want, see that it’s there and ask what steps need to be taken to get there and then walk towards it. Take the steps.

Meditate and Focus on the Doors That Will Take you There

Focus on opportunities and doors, not on the challenges and setbacks.

List Places Where You Feel Lack and Explore Those Blockages

Explore the blockages and challenges that prevent you or hinder you from moving forward, look for solutions, simplify them or the situation. Really become aware of the blockages and what may be causing them. Acknowledge their presence.

Refill Those Blockages with Gratitude & Abundance

Make a list of everything you are grateful for, every moment. If you’re homeless, were you able to find a place to sleep? Are you alive? This can be much harder to do in the face of more violent adversities, and we each have our own limits on what we can take. But everyday list what you’re grateful for. If what you’re grateful for yesterday is no longer present today or a few moments later then be even more grateful for the experience; while knowing that nothing we have is forever. We live on borrowed time, so let’s appreciate every moment and make it count.

Save And Make Every Dollar Count

Set aside some money, and make every dollar that you do use count. Focus on quality, cut corners, take your time and build.

Poverty Traps & Mindsets

Poverty mindset is coming from a Place of lack. It’s when we say, “We can’t have our cake and eat it too.” Well, what’s the point of cake if you can’t eat it? It’s the idea that there is only ONE person in this entire world who is meant for us; or that there is only ONE car we are meant to have. Mindset and Attitude is what differentiates someone who can lose it all and make it back and someone who can gain it all but loses it and can’t keep it.

Part of this comes from our poverty trap. In a system designed around consumerism, and uncertainty. Where tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so we are forced to think short-term gain at the expense of long-term pain. A lot of poverty traps are based on a combination of conditioning, learned helplessness, a system where we see those who are better off than us having an easier time advancing and so on. It’s a self-perpetuating condition where a combination of factors make it worse.

We don’t have a lot of resources in society to break out of that trap, and even resources to help us are designed with the idea that people are “Takers” so you have to be in poverty and stay in poverty to receive help. For instance if you go over 2k in your bank account you no longer qualify for financial assistance in many areas. So if your car breaks down you can easily wipe through what little you do have or be forced to take out a loan, and if your credit is bad or you have none it can get harder.

It’s 100% essential to break out of the poverty trap, and we can do this by utilizing free and available resources within our community, and changing our mindset.

Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

Nothing no matter how painful it seems is forever. People who succeed aren’t exceptions to the rules. When you find your strengths, and focus on developing and working on yourself, discovering and nurturing your strengths and passions. When you build and strategize a clear path, go to the drawing board to figure out what’s working and what’s not working and delegate finding resources and help where you can, you succeed. We each have a special gift int he world, find that gift and give it. Anything that is painful right now is only short-term pain that will lead to long-term gain. Focus on the goal and build a path towards it.

Center Your Mind

All the pain and circumstance around you is noise. It is not forever. Center yourself amidst the storm, find your center, ground yourself, still your mind and focus.

Find Support

Being an entrepreneur especially with mental illness can offer flexibility and accommodation. Unfortunately the costs of transportation, treatment, stress and setback can often deter people from this path. Not having an adviser or people to rely on, and depending on the severity of the mental illness being able to run a business may not be an option. But for people who are able to run a business rather than simply work for another; it’s crucial to find some support. Someone who can rally you on, or help you with resources. Look to counselors, local mental health providers.

Explore places like: SCORE where they offer mentoring and business advice.


Bootstrap – BONUS

If you have a car, explore Uber, or other methods on making money. Think about it if you need an extra $200, then just $10 from 5 people gets you $50. That’s more or less minimum wage in some areas.

If you can donate plasma or blood find a local hospital, if you breastfeed you can bring in extra money. Scavenge for cans and Recycle metal. Do an online survey like Cashcrate or make money  using your search engine like swagbucks.

There are many ways to make money and depending on if you have mental illness or not and what degree it inhibits you to go out there what you can do varies. You can even go grocery shopping and run errands for the people and elderly within your neighborhod just to make some extra cash.

Here are some more links for ideas: 25 unusual ways to make money, 50 ways to make $50, and more.

Take A Walk And Enjoy Life

Take a moment to really look around and smell the roses. Smile, play with your children. Enjoy the world. There’s so much going on beyond ourselves, so many people suffering and hurting, but also many people living and full of love. Smile, it’s going to be OK.