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[ANN] The Pay It Forward Hero Economy

Pay It Forward Hero Economy


(ARG puzzles – Currently): REDDIT | STEEMIT

Official Website

Main Infographics (Pattern/Architecture(1) , Pay It Forward Economy (2))

Roadmap 2.0 (needs revision)

The “Pay It Forward Hero Economy” is an economy that seeks to reward paying it forward and to actively bring out Heroes in our society to make giving back to others an actual thing.

It draws inspiration from existing projects both failed and successful such as the DAO, DigixDao, Ethereum, Synereo AMP, Steem.it, XEM, Ethereum, and of course Bitcoin.

Who Is Behind The Hero Economy (The Guardians of Life led by):

  • Kieran Murghein (Lead Developer & Designer)
  • Decentralized Heroes From All Over Who Volunteer To Assist

I am Kieran Murghein, the lead game developer and CEO from Zenratstudios. I have been a quiet participant of the Bitcoin community and world since 2009 though it is only recently that my understanding and active participation in the community has increased. What this means is that I have used Bitcoin, and traded altcoins, lurked on forums, observed, but have rarely participated socially except for rare instances to learn the mindset of the community and to ask questions.

I have followed the different solutions of altcoins, participated as a trader, buyer and a small miner, exploring the worlds and learning. Blockchain has the potential to change the world in ways that I believe can help solve the many issues we have.

The Goal is to: build a nonprofit game and book company by day, Hero economy by night that acts as a bridge between the virtual and digital world, that will attract and grow Heroes who want to make a difference, and that will help to eliminate or reduce poverty through education and resources among all the people who participate offering an alternative solution to the world’s economy. One of our biggest missions is global adoption.

To learn more about the services we try to offer see our infographic and read through our website.

About the Pattern Architecture of One Million Heroes

About the Pay It Forward Hero Economy


  • To learn from the Giants who have come before us and integrate different solutions from those Giants.
  • To create a self-sustainable virtual economy
  • Build a bridge between the virtual and digital world (DigixDao has a wonderful system that does this using Gold as a Resource to back its tokens)
  • To work and integrate Reputation and Referral systems (such as what XEM has done)
  • To create a system for earning Interest for participants who participate in the economy but don’t spend outside the economy (similar to XEM’s Harvesting system), (this keeps money within the Hero economy so that it has time to grow and expand).
  • To work and Integrate with Gateways like Coinbase, Circle, Shapeshift & Exodus, and perhaps to use those APIs to create an alternative system that does the same.
  • To allow for people to be the custodians of their own funds (the way Shapeshift has done).
  • To build a new an unobtrusive but optional economic system that solves the problems of our old society while simultaneously makes the old system obsolete
  • Global Adoption – our biggest mission is getting people who need our service to adopt it but who may have avoided digital currencies up to this point.
  • To reduce and or eliminate poverty in all the places our Heroes and Guardians are located (no more waiting for Presidents, Kings & Queens to save us, we go out and do it ourselves)
  • To attract brilliant minds and reward heroes.
  • To be a blockchain alternative to the Nobel Peace Prizes (but without the bueararcy), the United Nations & The University of Peace
  • To educate and create Heroes and Guardians of Life
  • Agnostic, Omnist, Synchretism – the goal is to be inclusive, unifying rather than divisive, to bring opposing groups together as a whole, to do this we hope to integrate currency agnostic features and to have a platform agnostic solution that works with all other blockchains and currencies (our goal is not to compete but to cooperate, to live synchronously with other systems, governments and platforms. To this affect we’re just one Asset among many)
  • To be self-sufficient, expanding, to constantly grow and evolve.
  • For Zenratstudios to be its own entity separate from its creators.
  • To structure ourselves in such a way where Big Governments do not control or own us but by which we are still held accountable for our actions.
  • And More


  • Treasury – 90% of all money we earn initially will be added to a treasury that is divided into two sections 45% is the treasury of the people and the other 45% is the treasury of the workers who serve the people.
  • Resource based economy – inspired by Jacque Frescoe, where all resources become the common heritage of all the inhabitants, not just a select few.
  • Co-op – We function like a co-op where the members the co-op serves are also the members. Members start out as Champions, when they graduate to Hero members who receive services but also become co-owners in their own way, having a say in the overall direction of the service. People who give back the most in some way (whether it be time or financially), receive the most, and have the most say in the direction of our community, services and products.
  • Checks & Balances – checks and balances built in place to prevent bad actors who climb to the top.
  • Reputation system – Transactions of kindness, whenever you spend Hero Points you earn Karma Points, Karma is your reputation and works like a “Bonus” or “Multiplier” the more karma you have the more Hero Points you can earn. Only those who have Karma can receive scholarships, rewards, and grants.
  • Referral System – dependent on the reputation system, if you help A who helps B who helps C, you each get a percentage of karma points.
  • Visual Blockchain – a way to see the transactions in place on a visual node tree, with colours to represent the health of the system and to see how far your actions have spread and affected others.
  • Expiration Dates – Reputation has an expiration date, if you stop participating within the system your karma diminishes gradually until it is gone. In order to receive rewards you have to contribute in some way (example, paying subscription fees, trading Hero Points (you receive karma points for trading), participating in our games and community and more).
  • Earning Interest – similar to Harvesting & Mining in XEM and Bitcoin one can place their Hero Points aside and let them grow ‘interest’, by not spending or cashing out Hero Points we reward with Karma Points which increase
  • Rewards, Scholarships & Grants – built into the system is a feature that rewards those who have the largest percentage of Karma Points to assist them with their personal non-profit or non violent activist projects, or to better themselves, their lives and families.
  • Smart Contracts – like Ethereum and Counterparty we want to have smart contracts on our blockchain.
  • Keepers – similar to the DAO we want to have keepers who can monitor, prevent and reverse bad actors and transactions. A problem with the DAO was that everything needed to pass a vote and nothing got done. Then people argued over whether or not to hardfork on Ethereum and that had to pass a vote through miners, who had the most money to purchase equipment to run the system. Keepers similar to Curators will be enacted to prevent abuse and reverse transactions of bad actors, and being miner free we work to provide a fairer solution that’s not based on how much ‘money’ you have but how much you contribute to the system and have paid it forward.
  • Lineage/ Family Tree – those who contribute the most to the system are invited to become part of the family tree, they graduate from Hero and are invited to join the Guardian of Life. In this way only members can become Keepers and Guardians.
  • Decentralized Physical Headquarters – as we grow we will begin giving grants and planting physical headquarters around the world that serve their local community in some way, these headquarters must offer community gardens, water, education, workshops (inspired by Mining Towns, Google, and ecovilages). They are designed to be self-sufficient, are given grants by our company to operate and serve as refuges and sanctuaries and places of education, self-governing (autonomous).
  • The 50:50 Rule (two separate co-existing treasuries). Currently it is set up so 45% is Treasury and the other 45% is a treasury that funds hiring lawyers, developers, and more. These are people who are actively working to maintain the system. There is a limit to how much any one person can make, as each member on the back-end has their own salary. What is leftover from that salary is simply used to hire more workers to build and develop more projects. This is important to mention because the back-end 45% doesn’t go to any ‘one’ individual person and there are strict rules with how the money and salaries can be used for those who are guardians of life. The Number one rule is that the money earned by any member who is part of the Guardians of Life must be used for the greater good. Guardians of Life must use that money to reinvest in ways that make their local and international communities a better place. The back-end 45% that isn’t used for salaries goes into developing new and better products, making them more quality and to ensure that the people who work are able to live well too. As such 50:50 is split between the front-end (users) and the back-end (creators). But these two groups are intricately interconnected.

Back-End Features: How decisions are made.

  • Experimental Governance model – we’re experimenting with a new form of Democracy that takes all the good things about Democracy and seeks to alleviate the challenges of our current system: One that prevents oligarchies, tyranny of the mob, self-entitled rulers, encourages cooperation and has paying it forward to the people built in.
  • Hybrid Decentralization – we learned from the DAO disaster, Bitcoin and Ethereum the flaws that come with pure Democracy. It is our goal to create a hybrid decentralized platform. Everything becomes about balance.
  • Experimental Hierarchy and Governance structure – more coming soon (see roadmap 2.0 for an idea)

What needs to be determined with more feedback:

  • Which Resource we will be using to back our treasury (example Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum , etc. to be determined by the community)
  • The Ratio 1:100, 1:500, 1:1000 (to be determined by the community)
  • Blockchain – whether we need to utilize an existing blockchain or build our own (to be determined by the community)
  • Transaction System – how the transactions will best work and be tracked. (will it work like steem.it, synereo Amp, etc. where people vote or give stars to say how the transaction affected their life for better or worse)
  • Kindness as a Reward – obviously if people are being nice to people just so they can get something in return even if indirectly then it’s not really kindness; the goal is to make giving fun and rewardable.
  • Developers – resources for me to learn how to develop on blockchain or finding a blockchain developer and raising money for the costs
  • Details of our governance model (to be determined upon feedback from the community)


There is a big difference between using Blockchain and Bitcoin and actually programming your own coins and I’m still trying to learn this on my own, as I understand there aren’t many blockchain developers, and I currently lack the funds to hire blockchain developers who could help us. Depending on volunteers comes with its own challenges, and while blockchain as a service is a possibility we are not yet aware of the costs.:

What I don’t know how to do but am trying to learn:

  • Launch an ICO or crowdsale
  • Build a Blockchain, Wallet, and Coin
  • Crowdfunding – raising interest & awareness
  • Should we create our own blockchain platform or find an existing one to build upon (if so which one?)
  • What our main treasury resource should be held or backed in (something that preferably non-volatile such as Litecoin has been a thought)

What I need:

  • Feedback & Advisement from experienced members within the community itself

What I want and am working on:

  • C# to be the language we write our contracts in.
  • Finding a Platform To Write on or Creating our Own (Advisement)
  • Reputation & Referral Point System
  • Visual Blockchain
  • And more.

Inspired by:

  • XEM – Reputation System & Harvesting
  • Spells of Genesis, Unsung Heroes & Arcade City, ARGs & Pokemon Go
  • Shapeshift, Jaxx, Exodus – beautiful wallets, currency agnostic, non-custodial
  • Ethereum – and it’s smart-contracts
  • Counterparty – for showing what could be possible.
  • Stratis – a blockchain built in C# that may be what we need.
  • Synereo Amp & Steem.it – the concept of communities and decentralized internets and so on.
  • And More

Coming Soon:

  • Whitepaper & Roadmap (new/updated) – you can see our initial roadmap here soon to be revised with a new more updated version.
  • Wallets
  • Source Code

Upcoming Projects:

  • The Hero Magazine
  • Hero University
  • One Million Heroes (revamped)
  • Crowdfundraiser and ICO campaign

November Updates/Reflections: The Journey to Discovering Who We Are & What Next

Apologies to my last post being rife with errors. There’s a lot to do and currently I am the only one doing it so that means that sometimes in trying to keep to a regular schedule editing errors happen. I haven’t had the time to fix them, but am happy to introduce some major happenings.

Year of 2016 Exploring, Researching & Finding Our Voice

I went to school for game development and graduated about 6 years ago. When I was in school there was no react.js, there weren’t that many html5 game engines, you could forget about node.js. I hated javascript and didn’t want to touch it. After spending several years struggling with mental illness, homelessness, and shifting from job to job (trying to do things I didn’t love to make money to do something I did love) I ultimately stopped. A lot of things pushed me into starting this dream job I had, saving the world via games and writing. I started out with a few projects that are still in development.

I spent the entire first year of 2016 rebounding from homelessness and trying to steer this ship. I didn’t know who I was, I just knew what I wanted from life. I didn’t know how to set up a wordpress or launch my own website with web hosting. I knew html5 and css3, but not so much javascript. SEO, Marketing, bootstrapping all that was stuff I was learning. When people would ask me what my name was, I’d stumble and say, uh…erm…Zenratstudios? We take it for granted that we’re born John Smith or Mary Jane and that that is who we are, but for me. I’ve always searched for me, always tried on a different name, never quite sure who I am, always worried that when I did find myself that people wouldn’t like what they saw and abandoned me in droves.

All of that changed in 2016, and at the end of September, start of October everything finally came together. I had built 4-5 different wordpress sites from scratch, I had played with phaser and worked on Unity games on the side, I had found my voice and my identity, and most importantly I developed my new personal motto: Alone I can get far, together we can save the world.

Kieran Murghein, CEO & Founder of Zenratstudios was not only born, but my mission to recruit and discover allies, to give this company a purpose, to pursue with full force and passion my goals to “Save the world” or get pretty damn close became real. I was ready to launch and go public with who we were for the first time in over a year of behind the scenes development.

This journey has been a very personal journey because as I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally as a person so too has the potential for Zenratstudios as a company to grow. I can only take it so far, and my goal is to take it as far as I can individually, but my dream now, my focus is raising enough funds to pull together a team. I’m not letting money stop me from building a foundation that I believe can help make the world a better place, but I also understand how having more resources and money will make life a lot easier.

October Team Building & Launch

Last month the focus was outsourcing and launching One Million Heroes. I feel I successfully did that. I knew it was a bit ambitious to launch unknown and try to start a fundraising campaign with the deadline November 2nd — December 2nd, but I went in knowing that we would most likely fail. What my goal has been this month is to really market and to get known, to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Is there any interest in what we’re doing? By the end of October I concluded there is an interest in what we’re doing, but the problem is we’re not well known enough for one and our One Million Heroes website may not be professional or even clear enough, and needs more polish and more outreach.

November Elections Throw A Wrench

Prior to the Election I developed a few strategies, but after the elections I was encouraged to change some of our methods. You see before the election I thought being pro Bitcoin, pro Blockchain and emphasizing only Bitcoin would be a problem for us. But after the elections when the stocks temporarily shot up and the amount of anger, and changes people want to see we realized. We are a non-profit organization who are all about change. We may not be every body’s cup of tea or flavor, but we are an all-inclusive group run by a group of nonviolent warrior monks who call themselves Guardians of Life, a branch of a long and ancient sect whose roots you can discover if you play the ARG “Guardians of Life”. They have one and one mission only, to save the world, not with dogma, or religion, but with proactive action and solutions. They have one religion and that is Love and acting upon that love, and using that love as the basis of building upon every single thing that they do. November’s Elections showed us that people want change. Most people don’t want to take real actions and develop real plans for change, and so our mission has become not to put timeline and deadlines on that change, but to give time. Now we make it mandatory that to use our services you have to be willing to take action steps. To show you are willing to be the change you want to be, these are action steps but we think it’s necessary.

We would love to develop or utilize an API that is similar to Circle that allows an instant exchange of BTC or other currency for fiat, something similar to Shapeshifts API. But this is something I need to think more on.

Fighting “Pressures” To Conform & Bend To The Will Of Others

As a Green Libertarian with some anarcho-pacifism tendencies November’s elections empowered me. I saw and continue to see opportunities that people are tired of the current establishment, that they want change, and there are a large group of people who want both PEACEFUL change and their FREEDOM, so there is an audience for me I just have to tap into it. I also saw Bitcoin rise in response, seen as politically neutral, and it gave me courage to speak up about my positions. I think I am a minority but that my minority is a growing one.

Removing the deadlines also took some pressure off of me. As before the deadlines I started to feel stressed and pressured and consequently down. I felt really down because I wanted to focus on designing and building quality products, but at the same time I wanted to focus on my child, and at the same time there were a few friends and even some family in my life who either didn’t support me or couldn’t see the vision. It was something I simply had to show them. Not having that support can at times be lonely, when you feel like you stand alone in your thinking. When you have to face people every day who tell you what to do and what to think to be a good person. There are more than one way to stand up for a government you believe is broken or flawed.

Running Zenratstudios, getting it off the ground has put a lot of strain on my family, my biggest support has come from my therapist. In the end I don’t always know if people are hearing me, but I do know that somewhere out there are people who will. The greatest thing I’ve done is to separate myself from my work, that’s how I’ve been able to get over my anxiety on social media. It’s not about me it’s about my mission, my purpose, my work. Recently I was feeling discouraged. A lot of my friends are either all Democrat or all Republican though the younger groups that I’m around are 100% Millenial and they hear me the most. But there is a lot of hate I receive especially from the Democratic party for my strong beliefs on liberty, love and freedom and deciding not to play this current broken system but to work on developing and building a system of our own, that we can test and explore on the side without even getting rid of the broken system at least initially.

Then someone posted this on their wall:

I first ran for Congress in 1999, and I got beat. I just got whooped. I had been in the state legislature for a long time, I was in the minority party, I wasn’t getting a lot done, and I was away from my family and putting a lot of strain on Michelle. Then for me to run and lose that bad, I was thinking maybe this isn’t what I was cut out to do. I was forty years old, and I’d invested a lot of time and effort into something that didn’t seem to be working. But the thing that got me through that moment, and any other time that I’ve felt stuck, is to remind myself that it’s about the work. Because if you’re worrying about yourself—if you’re thinking: ‘Am I succeeding? Am I in the right position? Am I being appreciated?’ – then you’re going to end up feeling frustrated and stuck. But if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path. There’s always something to be done.

– Obama

And it reaffirmed everything I was doing. I see the world differently from other people. It’s like my eyes are broken. I have to be the only one I know who when I dream am dreaming simultaneously of different people and emotions at parallel times, I see the entire story forward and backwards. When I am awake and I look at people I see two sides of the same coin. Yin/Yang always, nonduality. I see all the little pieces and the cogs, and I see a puzzle of how it’s all interconnected and fitting it together. You say Democrat, Republican. I say it’s the same coin with two separate faces. You say Light vs. Dark, Evil vs. Good, same coin, different face. There’s always a root and the roots are always the same. There’s a word for this, nonduality, but there’s not a word for that experience. I never thought I’d face resistance for refusing to believe in the extreme polarity of the world, for acknowledging differences but trying to bring them together. That I’d be called selfish for walking a middle ground.

People say that enlightenment is just like that, but I don’t believe in enlightenment. I believe in “Growing into Awareness”, growing into a higher consciousness. The term enlightenment comes with all of these connotations that put unfair expectations on people. No matter who we are, we will always be having a human experience so long as we exist in the human form. Cultivating a loving heart, meditating, all of that doesn’t replace our human experience. Which means we can get lost at any point, we can lose our way, we can become the fallen Hero, the fallen Monk.

I’ve always walked alone in my path, both spiritually and philosophically. But the Trump/Obama coin has made me realize that I can do this. I started this company with 1,002+ personal demons, and now I have only 2 to face. So without any further ado here are my strategies for the rest of November.

November Strategies

Marketing on Autopilot: Twitter (Primary), Facebook (Secondary).

I concluded I do not have the time on my own to market for Zenratstudios. At the moment I use Buffer which is a lifesaver. Buffer enables me to post on Twitter in advance. I try to schedule posts a week in advance, but with the new One Million Heroes campaign sometimes what I end up doing is posting everything a day in advance. This way posts that got good likes and retweets are readed to the next day. I’m still working on my strategy there.

I’m not as active on Facebook, and we recently launched our ARG. To date no one has solved any of the major puzzles we have put out there which come rife with rewards and Hero Points. This tells me we aren’t doing a good job getting people to care. There are two communities. The blockchain community and the non-blockchain community. They both require a different strategy, bringing the two communities together requires effort.

The non-blockchain community has been put off because we only offer Bitcoin as a pricing option. We temporarily offered Paypal as an option, but my worry here is twofold. Chargebacks and scams with paypal and other are an issue. Another issue is that I am very adamant about Zenratstudios being its own entity. I do not want to control the assets of Zenratstudios and more importantly I want everything we do to be transparent. Bitcoin and other currencies like it are the perfect system for universal currency. Blockchain and the technology it was built on while simple can help bridge the gap between virtual and physical worlds. My goal for Zenratstudios is that it be international, belonging to no one country. The problem is “I” am owned by America and the way Zenratstudios is owned right now is that it will be double-taxed as though these funds belong to me, and I truly believe these funds belong to us.

Another reason why is because I resist the government trying to say it owns me or controls me in anyway, and as a result Zenratstudios is bankless. Going against the establishment means going against the banks, and that has meant turning to solutions like bitcoin for our company. It’s part of the reason why I attempted initially to be very protective of my identity, fear of being made a target, but now I feel whatever happens, happens.

Either way, It’s very important for me to be able to raise enough funds to incorporate Zenratstudios separate from me, to give it its own bank account, and to treat myself as no different than any other Guardian of Life working for Zenratstudios. I serve Zenratstudios and Zenratstudios serves life. Unfortunately using Blockchain has turned off a lot of people.

Right now we have created no reason for the blockchain community to care about who we are and the non-blockchain community has no easy way to join us. For now the focus now is on providing the best services and products and hoping that as we continue to tweet and post, that we’ll gain a slow and steady following.

Moving from Shopify to Woocommerce: Less Expensive Shop, no Annual fees

To get the shop launched quickly we originally launched on Shopify with Sendowl, but after doing the math the costs to maintain Shopify + Sendowl came up to be $633/month. With no money coming in and because most of my sites and subdomains were and are on wordpress I concluded that Shopify was a price we could not afford to pay especially with limited funds coming in. I cancelled Shopify and this past weekend began transitioning to WordPress using Woocommerce.

We now utilized “TheGem” theme from themeforest for our shop, it gets the job done, is quick, and I don’t have to touch much code unless I’m being anal retentive. There are some things that we had to drop for the time being. Integrating reward points into the shop system, bundling. We want to make the nomination form free, but Woocommerce does not offer a free plugin for this out of the box so I’ve added a small 4.99 fee to the website. It is possible to get the nomination form free by simply emailing us. My goal is to implement product bundling and chain bundling, with a reward system like SUMO, but this will cost some money and so it has temporary been added to our wishlist/we’ll see pile.

Outsourcing to premium Themes: Less Code, more Content Focus

One of the biggest changes I made is the decision not to code for the website anymore. I love coding, but the work that goes into building a website, making sure everything is working and to have a seamless experience so you don’t have to code back-end, is a lot of work. I’m not an expert with WordPress and PHP my strength is mainly HTML5, CSS3 and some react.js/javascript. Given the right amount of time I can code a proper website, but that would take me an entire month, including debugging. So I made the decision that I would not be touching a line of code unless it had anything to do with game development.

This means that I am taking down all my made from scratch websites and replacing them with premade themes.

  • The main website and the Shop are going to be utilizing “The Gem” Theme from themeforest.
  • My Workshop utilizes the “Invent” theme from themeforest.
  • One Million Heroes is going to get revamped too, I am taking down the site and going to be purchasing a gallery based or shop theme, with integrated social media.
  • Our Magazine called “The Omnididact’s Hero Magazine” will possibly be utilizing a free theme, or I’ll be purchasing a theme for that.

No more coding for me. I’ve decided that paying a small fee will help reduce the work, and allow me to focus on actual products. It’s a small investment that goes a very long way to freeing up my time. My goal is to focus less on coding the website and more on creating content strategies, producing quality products and services and marketing to generate revenue, to build our pay-it-forward economy.

Rebuilding One Million Heroes Site

When I first built One Million Heroes I did it from scratch. I was very proud of it. Looking back on it, it was going to be hard to maintain. I learned a lot building it but I was better off utilizing a gallery with facebook features and perhaps even a ‘random’ post plugin generator. As a result we plan to make major changes to the site. I am temporarily taking it offline this week and will rebuilding it.

I’ll be working on getting content for my Hero University up and I’ll be working on getting Our Magazine up. I have a lot of work to do, and since I’ve removed the 30 day deadline with One Million Heroes there’s a lot of less pressure on me to stay up around the clock. Now I can sleep in a little longer, rest, relax, and get work done. I’ve got one main site down, a few more to go. I estimate between now and January things will be complete and I’ll be ready to do some market reach into the blockchain communities.

Rotating Projects: Creating Quality Services, Getting Noticed, Building Community

Zenratstudios is a ‘wheel’, at the center is our pay-it-forward economy, and then surrounding the wheel are different features to it. I want to work on products. Getting our games out there, but those are secondary to our primary focus, raising income. Our focus is integrating 3 of the main wheels into Zenratstudios and then building a community around that:

  • Hero University – behind the scene I am working on our workshop. Right now it’s writing up the content, creating a content strategy, a business plan, and roadmap for it. Essentially I am working on building workshops designed specifically for future Entrepreneurs, Activists & non-profits who are stuck and need support. I want to form an allegiance of Heroes, and partner up with people like Khan Academy or similar. I am looking to run an online hybrid decentralized university that works with blockchain technology and our pay-it-forward economy. Initially we’re going to start small with workshops, and gradually incorporate more features. Receiving feedback on how we can best serve future heroes in the making. We are going to be a school for Peace and Heroism available to all.
  • One Million Heroes – this is the first fundraiser to a longterm plan. Essentially we want to be the Blockchain of Nobel Peace Awards. A blockchain version of the United Nations with allegiances. One Million Heroes is a stepping stone to a long-term plan by which we fund heroes through scholarships and awards. Our main focus here is essentially to raise money to be able to actually give money to people for this to work.
  • The Omnididact’s Hero Magazine – The Hero Magazine is where we are going to interview Heroes all over the world. We want to interview and showcase indie game developers and their work, put them on display, review and play their products, we want to showcase writers with epic fiction and world, and too writers who write spiritual and financial tips. Non-profits and Activists making a difference. We also plan to integrate a random feature so you can find new and creative works. We search for the people with the best dreams, and offer ways to directly contribute to those projects. The Magazine is all about bringing those people together. We have grand plans for this site. The Hero Magazine will probably be our only ad-dependent site. Our focus is content managing strategy and searching for Heroes to write about. This is not hard to find, but will take some work.
  • And more.

Note: I apologize for all the errors that you encountered during this post.

90 Ways To Survive being an Indie Game Developer & Entrepreneur

This past few months has been an adventure for me. This October I officially felt confident enough to launch our fundraising campaign One Million Heroes, a way to become a champion, nominate and give back to the world, but also a way to contribute to building a program as part of our Pay It Forward program. Our biggest challenge is marketing right now, to bring in 20,000 champions willing to nominate and sponsor their Heroes, champions who believe in our cause, their Heroes cause and that we have something to give them.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is not having the funds to hire a team to help drive us towards success. Most of our Guardians of Life work more than one job and struggle to make ends meet. For me Zenratstudios is my one job, it is my full-time job, and it’s success and how far we get is dependent on my sole ability to creatively turn a lack of resources into resourceful ways of pivoting us to success. Life is all a game to me, it’s one big puzzle. Just like in any video game I’ve started with nothing. Just a few sticks and some stones. There’s a river here, and somehow I have to get across it. I run around doing side quests to level up my skills, so that I can learn what I need to learn to get across the river. All of that takes time. 90% of this entire year has been spent learning skills and building upon my mental resilience and knowledge. Things that I couldn’t afford to outsource in the beginning. Spending time learning as much as we can so we can automate and outsource has been a short-term investment for long-term gain.

Everything takes up time. Hiring people takes time, building websites take time, products take time to build, services take time to launch. There is not one feature of running a start-up that does not take time. The biggest part that takes time is motivating to care about your cause as much as you do it, lest you start to feel crazier than you already are. Despite all that is going on we’re confident that wiith creative problem solving, martial arts and some mindfulness everything always seems to fall into place.

Here is a rough list of the must have things we’ve had to schedule into our daily regimen both to maintain our sense of peace & wellbeing, as well as to maintain our sanity.


  1. Read, read, Read
  2. Everyday pick up a book or read a short article, learn something new! (I’ve learned about SEO, Marketing, graphic design, programming, spiritual health, resilience, it’s so great to see how all that knowledge overlaps and integrating them all together)
  3. FOCUS


  4. Develop laser vision esp. if you’re solo
  5. Focus on 1 thing at a time, each day, in each moment
  6. Chip away your to do list, (it took us 1 year to bring a 1,000 item to do list, down to 100 down to 10- 12 /day)
  7. Break each item into tasks with their sub to do lists (so at any given moment we know exactly where to pick up and start) focus the day on that.
  8. Keep a Goal and To do list tracker/ write a list of goals before bed and waking up
  9. Prioritize your most important tasks
  10. Level up to the next tasks and their sub-tasks when complete!
  11. Track to do list and progress every day, week, and month, use this to track progress to see how far you’ve gotten



  13. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine
  14. Don’t neglect your spiritual, mental & emotional health
  15. Incorporate mindfulness into everything you do
  16. Incorporate Rest & Relaxation into your schedule
  17. Kill two birds with one stone by incorporating physical fitness into your spiritual regimens
  18. Make Mind-Body workouts part of your daily regimen



  20. Explore & Experiment (It took me 1 year to explore and experiment, finding my voice, my identity, and clarifying my message.)
  21. Don’t be afraid to step back and try something new
  22. Detours are part of the learning experience, we call them side quests. (Just like any side quest you return to the same road giving us more insight and skills. Learn new things that can make your calling stronger than ever, and even allow you to change gears if you need to).
  23. Always keep ‘scope’ in mind, something may seem simple, but when you’re doing everything yourself that simple task can become a nightmare.
  24. Reign in scope, for what you as an individual can do without getting burnt out
  25. Write Strategy plans for everything, research everything
  26. Experiment with your message on different platforms in ways that don’t affect your brand (safe spaces for exploration are great, I like to experiment with my message by talking to people among my family and friends who are not the right audience or fit, to learn what resistance feels like, cater my voice to that audience, while also working on narrowing my message and explaining it clearer and gauging what lack of feedback feels like from good feedback right down to biased feedback!)



  28. Be Authentic (but what does that mean), it means be YOU
  29. (But who are you?) Take time to explore, experiment & find you!
  30. Don’t be afraid to change and grow and share those changes
  31. Don’t just focus on selling yourself to customers ask yourself are these the type of people you want to serve?
  32. Don’t be afraid of rejection for every person that hates you, there is someone out there who will love you find those people
  33. Not every customer and person is right for you, make sure the people you serve are the kind of customers you want to have
  34. Be TRUE to you
  35. You are your first customer, if it doesn’t resonate with you, you’re not doing it right!
  36. Be genuine & heart felt



  38. Transmute criticism and failures into positive and opportunity to learn, expand, grow and build better
  39. Always get feedback
  40. Don’t focus on ‘lack of resources’ focus on resourcefulness and creativity. Take any problem, lack of money, lack of team, and brainstorm/mind map your way to a solution, examine it, question it, play with it, integrate. Be resourceful
  41. Adapt, and be flexible, bend if somethings not working don’t be afraid to try something new whether you’ve told people about it or not, be open and honest
  42. Express your needs clearly



  44. Stop the Excuses
  45. Use determination and passion to find your breakthroughs, be committed. Find it.



  47. What is does not determine what will be!
  48. Missing deadlines is not the end of the world, EXTEND THEM
  49. Procrastination is a sign of genius but don’t let it rule you! Break the habits, focus (break tasks into smaller problems, always have a clear to do list that tells you what needs to be done next, read inspiring articles that help bring back your passion and get you going again, work in bursts, and do one thing at a time to break through procrastination or at least chip away at it, just bite the bullet and do it now when you’re due date is today!)



  51. If you’ve lost your passion and momentum stop! Take time to breathe, reconnect, find your center.
  52. Meditation and relaxation is great for this
  53. Take breaks frequently and often, do work in bursts! (somehow we’ve managed to get it done)



  55. Stay organized (utilize schedules, lists, rules, and get physical notebooks with lots of pens)
  56. Schedule time for you and your family
  57. Set a time every day for your family (we have lunch, breakfast, dinner hours, and weekends are a no work zone)
  58. Create Opening & Closing Hours (our hours for social engagement are officially 12AM/9PM – 3PM Monday – Friday. For our ‘public’ work, our behind the scenes work takes place on weekends, recouping, resting)
  59. Always plan 1 week or more in advance (we try to plan one month ahead for our tasks, and then weeks if not days ahead, even if we are close to the due date we always know what we’re supposed to be doing in any given moment)
  60. Hire 1-3 weeks before your deadlines! Most people take a few days to produce work and sometimes the work isn’t satisfying, we learned that lesson the hard way when we hired a Virtual Assistant who showed up late and never did the job!



  62. Your time is a resource, every hour you spend doing something you can outsource is time you aren’t doing something else
  63. Delegate any task that can be outsourced.
  64. Automate what can be automate (outsource to machines)
  65. Utilize automation tools like Buffer starting at $10/month
  66. If you’re opening a shop and can’t afford to hire a coder/and don’t have the time yourself: Bite the bullet and purchase Shopify + Sendowl to save time, even if it’s a temporary solution
  67. Use tools like Articy Draft SE to manage complexity
  68. Use Windows Word to utilize navigation bookmarks/headers (Google drive is great too for organizing documents and teams!)
  69. Before you outsource try to build it, this allows you to gain an intimate understanding of what’s really involved



  71. Outsource to independent contractors not employees when you’re broke
  72. Negotiate, barter & bargain! The right person is willing to work with what you are able to give (if that person won’t, then rest assured there is someone out there capable of doing so)
  73. Use Fiverr with caution, lots of low quality and hidden fees, often times it comes with more headaches than not.
  74. See everyone you meet as special and unique with their own gifts and talents
  75. Realize that everyone has something to offer, if one person doesn’t work out, know that somewhere someone else will!
  76. Focus on creating win-wins for people, as they lift you up, lift them up too. We are a team. Let’s not leave the other behind so that we can move forward on our own.
  77. Invest the time to build a team
  78. For every person out there that won’t help you or barter within your budget, there is someone out there that will
  79. Cut off people who believe low pay isn’t worth quality (this is frequently a problem for places like fiverr and upwork, where people agree to work for low prices but then may say they’re not being paid enough to care)



  81. Seek help, Take Breaks, Step away
  82. The world doesn’t come to you, you have to step outside and go to it. Leaving my inner cave is the hardest, coming down from the mountain is the hardest. Engaging with people is the hardest, I focus on a place of love and do nevertheless.
  83. Be symbiotic. Don’t look to compete, be and emulate the plant that cooperates and gives to the world, in a symbiotic away
  84. Keep your eyes out for mentors (I’ve contacted several potential mentors but often receive no responses or they never get back to me, I use daily interactions and reading as my mentors and learning experiences, but I still have my eyes open)



  86. Carefully select your team but don’t be afraid to say it’s not working out!
  87. Develop thick skin
  88. The hardest part is making people care; in this world everyone asks, “What is in it for me” no one genuinely helps just because they care or want to see you succeed. You always have to find ways to make people feel like their time listening to you is worthwhile.



  90. Remember! Don’t think of people as being ‘greedy’ think of people as trying to survive! It’s easier to approach people with compassion, to understand that they need to feed themselves and their families.
  91. Try not to let your anger and stress cause you to lash out, try to look at people with compassionately even as you decide not to engage with them!
  92. Be compassionate towards yourself, most depression results from setting high expectations. It’s a symptom telling you something is off and that you need something, set that time aside to make your mission getting it.
  93. Don’t be a dictator be a Team
  94. Be strong, firm, but KIND
  95. Forgive yourself when you have a bad day or fall off the horse (your best is always changing, some days are more stressful than others, somedays are better, extend a hand of compassion and forgiveness when the best you can do today is not the best you did yesterday)
  96. Take responsibility, admit mistakes, never blame, focus only on you but be objective about it!
  97. Be objective BUT KIND!


  99. Don’t attack or insult people as a person, always direct your frustrations onto the situation or action (more often than not it’s not PEOPLE who are bad, but the environment itself, what can you DO to bring out their best)
  100. Redirect and focus on what you do want to see, not what you don’t
  101. Let people go with kindness and compassion, just because they didn’t work for you or you didn’t work for them, doesn’t mean you won’t work better for someone else and vice versa
  102. Be Humble!



  104. Most Importantly MAKE Learning & Engaging FUN!
  105. Incorporate fun into everything you do!
  106. If you’re not having fun you’re doing it WRONG!

In the beginning when I first started this balancing my life was hard. I had a newborn baby and lived on $700/month. Today I have a toddler and still live off of $700/month, and that’s before bills are paid. After bills are paid I’m scraping sometimes even getting behind on rent leaving people I.O.Us all for a dream, that we can save the world and have fun doing it too.

It was a scary prospect for me to pick up my lifelong dream, to answer the call and try to make a living and save the world while doing so. I was going through a lot of losses at the time, a deep spiritual journey, and juggling parenthood. At first I buried myself into work, learning as I went along, but realized I was missing out on my child’s growth. It seemed doing one thing at a time was futile. But slowly but surely over the course of a year my 1,000+ page to do list slowly became 500, became 100, became 10. This starting week my to do list is down to 5 focused lists, spaced out throughout the weeks.

The biggest change in my life was making the decision that my hours for social engagement and ‘active’ work are 9AM – 3PM. I might get in early at 3AM or 7AM, and I might work a little bit overtime, but I’m not required to. I set aside breakfast, lunch and dinner, that’s time for me and my family, and I make my working hours really count. Sometimes if I see an opportunity to get work out of the way I do it.

When my child is sleeping I work on a single thing from my to do list. I don’t respond to emails until I get it done. Sometimes I take a break, walk around. If the hour I dedicate to it passes and I run out of time. I move onto the next thing and continue this project later.

My biggest thing these days is to relax, the way I see it is, whatever happens is going to happen anyway, if I’m going to die, I can be sad about it, happy about it or neutral about it. In that same way if I need to write an essay, I relax into it. I choose the perspective I want to have and then I go into that situation from that perspective. I can worry that we won’t make any sales, or nothing will happen, and we’ll fail. Or I can simply relax, keep calm and carry on, like a bird singing a song irregardless of who is listening or not. Trusting that I have it within myself to face challenges, solve problems, find solutions and create better ways. Looking at a problem from different angles and focusing on them like tasks to a do list, developing unique strategies for each one.

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