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August 2017 – Upcoming Projects


This Past Year So Far

I think I spent most of 2017:

  • Building wordpress websites,
  • Deepening my knowledge of front-end web development,
  • Trading digital assets in the crypto world,
  • Building and Disbanding a Team I failed to keep together,
  • Trying to balance being a parent and the yearning to make a meaningful living,
  • Searching for my identity,
  • Trying to engage and interact with the world,
  • Juggling the many projects I have that weave into each other,

Present Day Summer

Today, I can say with confidence say that I am a front-end web developer. My goals have always been to learn as a stepping stone. My current goal now is to expand my skills from front-end web development to back-end web development. My goal is to learn back-end web development which will level me up to a full-stack web developer, and to begin developing web apps. The type of applications I am looking at are (in order of hardest to easiest):

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Trading Bots
    • Enlightenment/Governance Bot
    • Chat Bots you can befriend: consciousness, imagination, friends, compassion, etc.
    • NPCs in Games
    • NPCs deployed around the web for the ARG I wanted to design
  • Blockchain
    • Developing an offline exchange/wallet (Manual)
  • Games
    • Book you can play game Engine
    • Create Educational/Immersive RPG Games: Board, Table-Top RPGs, etc.
    • Take my Epic Novel and turn it into a series
  • Books
    • Publish my nonfiction and fiction ebooks
  • Websites
    • Finish the Encyclopedia Website I am Working on
  • And More


Titles I claim:

  • Game Developer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Financial Analyst for Cryptocurrency/Digital Assets
  • Writer

New Titles I will claim in due time:

  • Back-End/Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence & Bot Developer
  • Writer à Published Author

This past year putting together a team has been stressful. The ability to motivate and bring together people for a common goal has definitely been a difficult road. So this year I’m focused on building upon my skills and building projects I want to build one at a time. I’ve always wanted to move from game and web development into the field of artificial intelligence and robotics and so I see a natural progression of the skills and projects I am working on leading to that. I know at some point I really want to work on virtual reality and some other physical projects I’ve been pondering, but have to build the necessary progression of skills to get to that point.

I started this summer out working on a blog for traders; I’ve never finished the series but hope to in due time. I have a few more ebooks to write. Writing ebooks, learning and expanding my programming knowledge, taking care of my home and spirituality, and really just being a parent are all things that I have been really focused on. Instead of trying to build a team to work together with me, my goal is to just keep planning, refining, swimming and building.

So for now this is where I’m at; I will probably be spending the next 3-6 months bouncing between writing ebooks and learning python and back-end programming. It’s 2017 and I definitely feel like I am moving slower than average, but the journey has been very pleasant and enjoyable. I feel like the George R. R. Martin of my life, slow to finish but eventually getting there.