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Campaigning For One Million Heroes Around The World

As much as many of us wished we lived in a world of Superheroes and mystical powers, where we could just sit by and wait for someone to come save us from the problems we see, we do not. There are no Norse gods coming to save humanity, there aren’t narcissistic millionaires building suits to defend the defenseless, there aren’t radioactive spiders to bite nerds and make them awesome web slingers, and there aren’t mystical monks who can bend the four elements at will to stop power hungry overlords and corrupt leaders from coming and staying into power.

That doesn’t mean we do not have our own heroes. Doesn’t mean that everyday people can’t step up and be heroes. We may not all be able to read minds, or heal superfast or even have super speed, but we can change the world, defend the defenseless and save humanity all the same.

Each an everyone one of us has the ability to change the world in which we live. We can change our world one person at a time.

People in our world both today and yesterday have made massive leaps in technology, psychology, philosophy and social change and each and every one of them are heroes. People have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world and did it.

These are everyday people who had an idea, saw a need, dreamed a better way and they got to work and did it. These people are heroes. Everyday Heroes.

And we think it’s time those people were acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work because without these people life would be very different for us indeed.

So we came up with an idea. We thought that the best way to show our appreciation of the people working hard to make a difference wasn’t to throw them fancy parties or give them a golden statue (although that did cross our minds), but to help them in their endeavors.

And thus One Million Heroes was born.

One Million Heroes is a campaign that aims to give funding to the Everyday Heroes of our world. We plan to do this through a nomination and voting system using Hero Points and Nomination Badges. The people who nominate their heroes and vote are called the Champions. They Champion the Heroes of our world and bring them to the forefront.

Here nonviolent activists, start-ups for change, and nonprofits working to make a difference are nominated as Everyday Heroes and people. We use social media as a way for Champions to nominate, vote and share their favourite Hero, their cause. Once enough Nomination Badges and Hero Points have been cast, $10,000 USD equivalent will be redistributed in a universal currency of their choice to 1 – 3 of  the top selected Heroes to use to continue their great work or put their plan into action.

To keep it balanced at least one Hero must work for the greater cause of animals, and another for people. The more we raise the more we can include more Heroes into the top to receive rewards, the more we can give to each participating Hero. Champions who help champion their Heroes to victory will receive a chance to win awards starting from 100 USD equivalent and reaching up to 3k and more.

The voting system uses our Hero Point system by which users can purchase or earn points that they can then spend voting on a Hero of their choice that has been Nominated by someone during the Nomination phases starting November 2nd. Those who purchase their Nomination badge before November 2nd will receive two badges starting at the price of 28.86 USD equivalent. The price increases to 48.86 to those who Nominate November 2nd and after, with a few exceptions. You can Nominate your Hero multiple times. The more your Hero has been nominated the closer they move to the top of the nomination page. There are a total of 20,000 slots available.

We will have full transparency during this process so that all users can see where their votes and their money is going. Much of this money will be spent maintaining the systems that allow this campaign to be a reality. Including the unsung heroes and agents that work tirelessly (mostly fueled by coffee and ramen) in the background to bring this campaign to you.

To learn more:

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