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December Updates: How To Work With What You Have & Relax Into Success


This past month has been a great month. I’ve made a few changes in my routine and the way we work.


Stress Reduction: Teams

A leader is only as good as the team he or she surrounds him or herself with. While many people have expressed interest in joining they have not been available to work on some of the tasks involved with building. To work with people I’ve learned that you can’t appeal to a person’s sense of gratitude or desire to help. People have a what is in it for me attitude. How can I make it useful for them to help me ‘help them’? Do they want experience, money, what resource do they want? I often have to appeal to people’s self-interests and this takes a lot of time. To get to know people, to determine what they need and then to appeal to that. I understand we as a species need to survive, but for me it drains me and takes a lot of energy.

I’ve delegated the task of seeking team members to an ally with limited availability on the team. We live in a world where people have financial needs to survive. In this reality all I have is a promise to compensate those when the dream I’ve dedicated my life to is fulfilled. People can’t live on that and so time volunteered is often limited and spotty. I try to make every moment count.

I’m a staunch believer that paying by the result is more valuable than paying for your time. Yes your time is valuable. But when you are hired to a job is it your time they care about or results? For that reason I’m commission based, and I work hard to make time spent amount to something. I say this because I invest time and effort with the belief that it will pay off for me and the people who participate in this vision. I spend a lot of energy trying to find and even convince people of our cause. For this reason my goal is no longer to convince people. Either you see an opportunity or you don’t, either you’re willing to work to make this a success or you’re not. I won’t spend a lot of my time trying to convince people. I’m just going to build and do my thing one at a time and work with people when they are available and work with myself when they are not. This means I am passively focusing on team building and keeping my eyes open for opportunity. I care more for working with people who believe in our vision and are able to work with little or no gain in the short-term, for gain in the long-term. People who can see the possibilities and believe enough in what we do and stand for that they’ll help us do that. These people will enter into my life. I’ll pitch once and if it’s meant to be they’ll work with us and if it’s not then that ship is meant for someone else. Like a Director casting the part in a play.

Scaling back Social Media Presence

When I initially branched out into social media I was able to keep a steady schedule of updates using buffer. I followed a criteria that I created for when to post, how to post and what to post. With all the work I had to do solo I quickly became overwhelmed. Having to constantly scour the net for useful articles and the like when all I want to do is build and work on my projects took time away from the things I wanted to focus on. Ultimately I decided that for now I’m going to take space even if it hurts us. My goal is to focus on building tools that will be of value to both my family and others who find those tools useful. I’ve decided that when we can afford to outsource social media or when we can find a team member willing to pick up this aspect then I’ll delegate this task to that person. But I’m not going to focus a lot of time on it. This task will be delegated to full time by someone else; the same goes for blogging.

Business as an extension of my Lifestyle

The thing about my business is that all it is, is the summary of the products, research and lifestyle I create for myself. I am building products and services that will be utilized by my family on an ecovillage level and sharing because I realize that my life and what I create with it is a resource itself that some will find useful. The beauty of it is, is the Treasury concept is just a saving concept. Allocating and saving properly the way I do in my real life, extended to the way the world I am building for myself is. I invite people to join me, and the beauty of what I am doing is that I will succeed in the same way some succeeds in saving up for a house or a car, because my goal is a way of life and the products I create are designed to help me continue that way of life. I relax deeply knowing that I am not dependent on people climbing on board for my work to have value, meaning and to help people, for it to succeed, and I can relax knowing that just as I see challenges towards adoption in order to raise initial revenue; I also see many opportunities.

Freedom To Make Changes, Beyond Resistance

I’ve given myself the freedom to make changes to the way things work, if the way that it works is detrimental or too stressful for me to build on my own. I’m going with the flow not against it, if I feel resistance I move around but keep moving forward.

One Thing At A Time, Freedom to Pace myself

My new thing is that whatever I focus on, I give it my full attention during the duration that I am working on it from start to finish. I just relax when I work, I don’t force it, I just let it happen on its own time. I give myself the freedom to work at my own pace even if that pace is slow. I focs on keeping that pace slow, but steady, and breathe into completion.

Lots of Long, Frequent Breaks

I take breaks where I have to, and I make those breaks long. I work in short bursts and enjoy my life. I drink tea, I don’t focus on worrying. I relax into effortless doing, and somehow slowly but surely everything gets done.


And More

Things like Gratitude, focus, and simulating scenarios (visualizations) and mindfulness, meditations, going with the flow, allowing for detours. All things that allow me time. And that’s it for this update!

My focus is on building each platform one by one and when I’m ready I’ll have more time to engage more with people.