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A Trader’s Disclaimer

Before we begin I need you to understand these 8 things:

  1. Nothing I tell you is unique
  2. Everything I share can be learned for free
  3. 90% of Traders will fail
  4. There is no golden strategy
  5. Trading is a job and a business, it requires effort
  6. You are the bottleneck
  7. You are responsible for you
  8. The market is designed to manipulate you


I will elaborate on a few of those concepts here

I am not responsible for your loss or gain

I will never take responsibility for your losses or gains. Nor will I ever make a claim without emphasizing that this is purely speculation. Speculation is wishful thinking, it’s hope, fear, and guesses. Sometimes you guess right, sometimes you guess wrong. We can only know what is present in front of us and prepare for those scenarios accordingly. If this happens then do X, else do Z. That’s all we’re doing, we create a set of rules, parameters and if/else statements. Algorithimic trading is taking these rules and turning them into a bot. Therefore if you are able to create a set of rules and follow them exactly, with continuous profits, you could do the same with a bot. That bot isn’t responsible for your losses or gains either because at the end of the day, that performance is all you. I am not claiming that I am right, only that I’ve built my style of trading around this, and it has helped me win and my hope is that if I share it, it can help you too. It’s up to you to verify and test what I say as true to and for you and your particular situation, not me.

This is not a golden lottery ticket

If you’ve come to this site looking for your next lottery ticket win, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not here to help you win the lottery, you’ll need to find a self-proclaimed Master or Guru with raving testimonies whose an expert at helping people find lottery wins because that’s not me.

I teach Mindfulness based trading, Risk & Money management

90% of traders lose. In the cryptocurrency world, it’s often not because of the coin they’ve picked, it’s because of their mindset. The way they approach life, money, their risk management, strategies and trades. You can take a winning strategy and put it into the hands of two traders and one trader performs well and the other fails; what’s the difference between those two traders. Mindset, this affects their approach. In this regard I am not teaching you what to trade; I’m explaining how to develop the mindset and creating winning formulas (i.e. personal habits) designed to achieve your goals. At any point where I begin talking about strategies, understand that without the correct mindset your performance will be poor. This has nothing to do with what I share with you, and everything to do with you.

There is only one strategy

Buy low, sell high. it’s not unique. Anyone who approaches you telling you they have a strategy that will help you win is misleading you for their gain. In all walks of life we encounter scenarios and situations where we have a choice: To buy products at a premium, or look for things selling cheaply either because they’re undervalued by the person selling them – or because they’re on sale. We make these purchases to use them for ourselves or to sell at a higher price later. Those who bought low can sell high, and those who bought high often sell at a loss. Garage sales are an example where people bought a bunch of stuff they’re now selling at a loss, hoping to get some gains back. The people buying at these garage sales are hoping to find hidden gems that they can sell later or use in their household. Black Friday is another example of this. Wholesale retail like Walmart. Whenever you start a business producing products or giving services, you’re hoping to sell something (your time spent) that cost less money than it cost you to produce. Across all walks of life what separates those who make a profit from selling anything is a single ancient strategy: Buy Low, Sell High.

Every other “Strategy” are simply methods (indicators) bundled together to help you more easily identify and confirm patterns in the marketplace. Understand the term ‘market’ just abstracts from the reality of the fact that you’re actually interacting with people, and all these indicators just help you understand what these people are doing and how they are reacting to some scenario that has happened.

Trading is 90% Mindfuck, It’s up to you to be Unfuckwithable

Our life is centered around economy, the economy is the marketplace. 90% of the market is manipulated in order to manipulate you. You will undoubtedly discover patterns of manipulation in these trades, but make no mistake, your pattern isn’t fool proof. All patterns can be breeched and are more often than not already compromised, used to manipulate you, based on the expectations big players know you have. Patterns, they change, they break, people catch onto them. They help a little, but most of those patterns you see, are known patterns that whether intentionally put there or not, are timed to manipulate you. You need to understand this going in that the nature of this game, whether it’s unregulated or regulated is designed as a mindfuck. If you’re not prepared for that mind fuck you’ll lose. If you get angry at the fact that there are people manipulating the coins – you’ll lose. That’s the nature of the economy whether it’s regulated or unregulated, with rules or without rules all life is manipulated, all life is a mindfuck, that’s why you have to be unfuckwithable.