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Fundraising, Projects & More!

Everyday behind the scenes Zenratstudios quietly works to build and expand. Both in terms of our own spiritual and personal development and in terms of our growth as a business. As of this date the main goal has been getting a website up, getting information out. Creating products behind the scenes, editing those products, testing, and landing pages. One single person cannot do this alone. I cannot do this alone. Especially not something of this scale, and not with the million different products ideas that I have, only a handful of those ideas ever make it to fruitation, and less than that get filtered out to what will actively be worked on.


Afterlife – The Game of Self Discovery

Zenratstudios is proud to say that “Afterlife” the first game that will be produced by us, is in the last stages of its creation and ready for demo testing, and possibly a major revision. After doing lots of research the decision was made to hire independent contractors: artist, writer, and a game developer to help steer the rest of that project while I work on fine-tuning the details of Zenratstudios.


Zenratstudios Business Models

“Zenratstudios” is the studio that produces: Games, Ebooks, and is behind “Guardians Of Life” and an upcoming Project that we will unveil soon titled: “Project Graveyard”. As a studio managing and delegating these products, and these concepts is a massive undertaking. Developing marketing strategies and doing social, uncovering communities which might be interested requires either that the Founder take on a different brain, find a volunteer, or raise funds to hire a helper.

The main strategy has been to create products, put them on a shelf, generate traffic. But also to create games we can all partake in together, that tell our stories, where we are the Hero who develops and changes. In this way, much of my time in April has been spent brainstorming, and figuring out how a Hermit who hasn’t left the house in years can best bootstrap this business. How can someone like, “That Kid” rise to the occasion and make a difference?

Zenratstudios is more than just a game company. We hope to position ourselves as key players for real social change.

  • We value honesty, but we also value identity, and the ability to create yourself and represent yourself as the authentic representation of who you are and what role you decide to play.
  • We reject crime wholeheartedly but value anonymity and the ability to decide what face we choose to present to the people, this is choice and the freedom to be as we so fit.
  • We value kindness, and creating a system that fosters trusts in a world where faces are always changing, but also believe that people need a way to be held accountable for abusing people and others.

For Zenratstudios, hiring content writers, marketers, people to handle social media, and collecting a team is crucial to help coming up with the best methods to do this. We also need communciators and artists, to create trailers and posters that can help get this message out. To that effect Zenratstudios may take a few years to get up and running initially. But the need to create a better world is constantly increasing.

We are currently shifting our focus to, is developing a complete system or eco-system, that will foster acts of kindness and reward it. It is a large-scale game that can be adopted without sign-up, or registration. Free to play, and interact with, and we’re working on reward systems.

What Zenratstudios seeks are solutions to the days world problems, the solution of creating widespread adoption. The creation of systems and rewards such that developing ourselves and putting back into the world is rewarded. Fundraising is part of that mission, but so is designing that system and getting the word out.

Multitasking as an individual is difficult to do, so raising funds for both Zenratstudios mission, and our games is a must.

Guardians Of Life

The most exciting project we have is the “Guardians of Life“, which is an alternate reality game based on the fictional group known as “The Stone Warriors”, their story and where they come from will be revealed as time goes on. Hiding little tombs and histories throughout the world for people to uncover their story just like games. This is lesser to the overall purpose in which they serve, that is bringing people like “You” together, as individuals, and asking you to answer the call of Hero by working on yourself.

Zenratstudios wants to take this far, to raise capital, to create a system of trade and use currency that is not only backed by USD but wherein any person can participate and earn a living simply by being their best selves.

Digital Currency a.k.a. “Cryptocurrency”

We see a lot of potential for digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. Everyday digital currency is being born every day. They are all the same, having only the value that we give it. The applications for how this can be used and how this can be integrated into our day to day system, to create a virtual eco-system is huge, and goes beyond the USD based shops that we have.

It also creates possibilities that the real world and day to day world doesn’t have. The ability to get paid for improving yourself, interacting and engaging with kindness in the world, and more importantly, the ability to make some living via play. These are big and broad implications, and requires some testing, and this is an aspect we are exploring right now.

Fundraising: “Project Graveyard”

Introducing Project Graveyard, our first fundraising method!

Here our focus is fundraising and raising this capital, marketing, social media, and content-writing (communication). This is the hard part, because it takes so much time as a solo-preneur with limited funds (less than $50 to play with per month now). Here, I start small and scale up. We try to figure out how I can grow $50 into $100, look for opportunities to delegate some of these tasks.

The current method is focusing on fundraising quietly via bootstrapping and after we’ve taken it as far as we can go reaching out to the community via marketing. Ideally we should make some income and as soon as we can afford to begin hiring content-writers, social media posters, and marketers. Even just a team of 3 people would be enough.

Project Graveyard is a fundraising project that involves using the latest digital currency in an attempt to raise funds. In many ways Project Graveyard is its own exchange, but there are issues with that which require thought.

There’s not much we are ready to reveal about this other than that it is in the works. Because Zenratstudios is much bigger than a game, and because fundraising the company allows us to fund our smaller projects, Project Graveyard has been implemented.

What we CAN say is that Project Graveyard will involve digital currency and will function as a game, where you can earn rewards that can be used beyond our game. It’s a Fundraising project that PAYS you!

The target aim for this game are everyday users and the implementations of that excites us!