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How To Remain Productive When Finances Are Down

Today I have $12 in my bank account.  I live off of $700/month and only have room to spend $200 each new month. This past week my car a former salvage title was totaled, they gave me 2k and with the help of my grandmother and 90% of my income I was able to get a new used car. It blew away my savings and my cushion and left me with a dilemma I feel many new indie developers and other entrepreneurs struggle with: Remaining calm, grounded and productive when you’re running on bankrupt.

Here are some Tips I use to stay positive:

What Is Does Not Determine What Will Be

Think about it. What is right now could be you are a single, no children. Then one day something happens and you are a future parent. One day you are a parent, with dreams and future for your children, then the next all those dreams are gone because your child died. One day you have a best friend or a lover, and everything seems great, and the next day they’re gone. Maybe less dramatically one day you don’t have a fridge, and then the next day you do. One day you’re not here, the next day you’re born, and the next day after you’re dead: If every moment in the now, determined what will be tomorrow, then nothing would be here. That’s the beauty of impermanence.

Reevaluate, Strategize and Keep Moving Forward

Take a moment to reevaluate your situation, what’s going well, what isn’t. How much income is going out, how much income is going in, develop a strategy and keep moving forward.

It’s important to come up with a well researched plan of action, taking note of the pros, the cons, the common pitfalls and trap and to develop a plan to act and to keep moving forward. If we don’t know or aren’t sure, then it’s important to be receptive and open to receiving a message or an idea and to work towards that.

Have Some Faith Too

Develop and cultivate the mantra: I do not how, but somehow I know that everything will work out in my favor. There’s a quote floating around that states, “Faith is not about everything turning out okay, Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.”

Trust that no matter how things turn out that you will always be OK, that you are equipped and can become equipped to adapt to those surroundings, to transform and reinvent yourself to those needs. If you’ve familiarized yourself with the Unconditionals then one of the core precepts  is Unconditional Transformation and Unconditional Learning, this is the ability to learn from your surroundings, and to allow those surroundings to transform you. To constantly reinvent yourself and grow within the present of every Now.

So Have Faith in knowing that you’ve got this, that this is only temporary and will remain temporary if you keep moving forward. It’ll all work out in the end, you don’t have to know how, just know that if you persevere (unconditional perseverance) you’ll succeed.

Ask Yourself: What Action Or Step Can I Do To Help Get This Going Today

Be receptive and open to this. Go about your day, read, look for inspiration, brainstorm. Focus on steps, actions, plans not on the bank account. See the path you want, see that it’s there and ask what steps need to be taken to get there and then walk towards it. Take the steps.

Meditate and Focus on the Doors That Will Take you There

Focus on opportunities and doors, not on the challenges and setbacks.

List Places Where You Feel Lack and Explore Those Blockages

Explore the blockages and challenges that prevent you or hinder you from moving forward, look for solutions, simplify them or the situation. Really become aware of the blockages and what may be causing them. Acknowledge their presence.

Refill Those Blockages with Gratitude & Abundance

Make a list of everything you are grateful for, every moment. If you’re homeless, were you able to find a place to sleep? Are you alive? This can be much harder to do in the face of more violent adversities, and we each have our own limits on what we can take. But everyday list what you’re grateful for. If what you’re grateful for yesterday is no longer present today or a few moments later then be even more grateful for the experience; while knowing that nothing we have is forever. We live on borrowed time, so let’s appreciate every moment and make it count.

Save And Make Every Dollar Count

Set aside some money, and make every dollar that you do use count. Focus on quality, cut corners, take your time and build.

Poverty Traps & Mindsets

Poverty mindset is coming from a Place of lack. It’s when we say, “We can’t have our cake and eat it too.” Well, what’s the point of cake if you can’t eat it? It’s the idea that there is only ONE person in this entire world who is meant for us; or that there is only ONE car we are meant to have. Mindset and Attitude is what differentiates someone who can lose it all and make it back and someone who can gain it all but loses it and can’t keep it.

Part of this comes from our poverty trap. In a system designed around consumerism, and uncertainty. Where tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so we are forced to think short-term gain at the expense of long-term pain. A lot of poverty traps are based on a combination of conditioning, learned helplessness, a system where we see those who are better off than us having an easier time advancing and so on. It’s a self-perpetuating condition where a combination of factors make it worse.

We don’t have a lot of resources in society to break out of that trap, and even resources to help us are designed with the idea that people are “Takers” so you have to be in poverty and stay in poverty to receive help. For instance if you go over 2k in your bank account you no longer qualify for financial assistance in many areas. So if your car breaks down you can easily wipe through what little you do have or be forced to take out a loan, and if your credit is bad or you have none it can get harder.

It’s 100% essential to break out of the poverty trap, and we can do this by utilizing free and available resources within our community, and changing our mindset.

Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

Nothing no matter how painful it seems is forever. People who succeed aren’t exceptions to the rules. When you find your strengths, and focus on developing and working on yourself, discovering and nurturing your strengths and passions. When you build and strategize a clear path, go to the drawing board to figure out what’s working and what’s not working and delegate finding resources and help where you can, you succeed. We each have a special gift int he world, find that gift and give it. Anything that is painful right now is only short-term pain that will lead to long-term gain. Focus on the goal and build a path towards it.

Center Your Mind

All the pain and circumstance around you is noise. It is not forever. Center yourself amidst the storm, find your center, ground yourself, still your mind and focus.

Find Support

Being an entrepreneur especially with mental illness can offer flexibility and accommodation. Unfortunately the costs of transportation, treatment, stress and setback can often deter people from this path. Not having an adviser or people to rely on, and depending on the severity of the mental illness being able to run a business may not be an option. But for people who are able to run a business rather than simply work for another; it’s crucial to find some support. Someone who can rally you on, or help you with resources. Look to counselors, local mental health providers.

Explore places like: SCORE where they offer mentoring and business advice.


Bootstrap – BONUS

If you have a car, explore Uber, or other methods on making money. Think about it if you need an extra $200, then just $10 from 5 people gets you $50. That’s more or less minimum wage in some areas.

If you can donate plasma or blood find a local hospital, if you breastfeed you can bring in extra money. Scavenge for cans and Recycle metal. Do an online survey like Cashcrate or make money  using your search engine like swagbucks.

There are many ways to make money and depending on if you have mental illness or not and what degree it inhibits you to go out there what you can do varies. You can even go grocery shopping and run errands for the people and elderly within your neighborhod just to make some extra cash.

Here are some more links for ideas: 25 unusual ways to make money, 50 ways to make $50, and more.

Take A Walk And Enjoy Life

Take a moment to really look around and smell the roses. Smile, play with your children. Enjoy the world. There’s so much going on beyond ourselves, so many people suffering and hurting, but also many people living and full of love. Smile, it’s going to be OK.