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A Trader’s Introduction

My name is Kieran Murghein, a.k.a. Morgan, and I am going to share
with you all that I have learned from the past few years studying cryptocurrency and trading. All the hours I have invested in studying cryptocurrency, back-testing, exploring, failing and succeeding, learning to trade – I am going to share with you.

Like you I view trading as an opportunity, to gain the financial freedom that comes with creating wealth. If you’re part of the 10% audience group I cater to then you also share my:

  • focus on turning knowledge and experience into wisdom
  • emphasis on slow, steady, continuous & sustainable growth over quick oneshot wonders and homeruns
  • obsession over cultivating a mindful mindset
  • instillation of patience and self-discipline
  • belief that there is only one real strategy, buy low and sell high
  • insistence that everything else is just a set-up of styles that can be designed around you (your personality and tendency towards risk)
  • design strategy catering around risk management
  • focus on working with a purpose and goal in mind

Trading is my passion. It is what I do to earn myself a living and plant the seeds for my future and future generations within the world. I do it because it’s a way to both develop and turn skills I am already inclined to, to work that will allow me to live and support my lifestyle and dreams. I chose cryptocurrency for the financial inclusion, enabling me to take a little bit of money and, with time and effort, to grow that money and utilize it.

I imagine some of you were drawn to this page because you were seduced by the allure and promises that trading cryptocurrency would bring to you the financial freedom and riches you would make if you just made that “one” right trade, or found the next future Bitcoin; getting rich quick with little effort. Most of you buy at the top overcome by greed, and sell low overcome by panic and can’t understand why you lost. The vast majority of you approach trading like a gambler, and place bets. Out of every person who has asked me to help them trade for a living, the vast majority want me to speculate (gamble) not trade. They want me to tell them what the future will hold for their coin – to have a greater certainty in their betting positions. But that’s not the type of work I do. Traders who approach this from that mindset will not like what I have to say and will go off to get advice from some guru who promises that: On this day, at this time, if you buy this coin at this price, and sell that coin at that price, you will be rich.

If that’s the type of trader you are then not only am I not the right person to get guidance from, but I can guarantee that being a Trader is not what you are meant to be. Just like any gambler or person playing the lottery you may get lucky once or twice, you may even have an idea of how you’re doing it. But play the game long enough and the vast majority of you with that mindset will eventually lose everything that you made when you ‘just got lucky’.

When people ask me these questions I reply: I’m not an oracle, if I were an oracle I’d be making a living doing something else, probably using Augur or some similar prediction tool instead. The only thing I am going to do for you is show you how to do something by sharing the steps that I personally use to build and cultivate a more mindful trading mindset that has helped me win continuous profits.

I’m going to help you build the skills and cultivate the resources that you need in order to be successful. I’m not concerned about what happens if 90% of the Traders catch on, because the truth is that 90% of the people who come across this page are not meant to be traders; this job isn’t for them. They’ll go off, pay a self-proclaimed “Master” or guru or a broker to use their wisdom and knowledge to make money for them. And that’s fine. Because I’m not talking to them.

I’m talking to you, the 10%, the 1 out of 3 traders who will survive if you commit to adjusting your mindset. I am sharing this knowledge to help you convert poverty mindset to wealth mindset, to find opportunities, to be the successful trader you were meant to be.

What will that look like?

I am going to ask you strange questions like:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you trade?
  3. How much do you really need to maintain your lifestyle?
  4. Are you willing to suffer and sacrifice to achieve your goals?
  5. What are you willing to suffer/sacrifice for?
  6. Can you delay gratification?
  7. And more

I will emphasize trading as a career, as a job, and view it from the perspective of a glorified insurance agent who likes to play video and board games, not, a gambler.

Just like any job you need to learn what you’re doing and commit the time to learning that. I want you to understand that I’m not promising you something that you can put in and get rich tomorrow. I’m saying if you invest the time and effort, right here, right now in learning the skills you need to learn, you can begin to rake in continuous profits that allow you to relax later. With or without being at your desk to execute a trade.

Why share this?

Many people have wondered why I want to share my knowledge so freely. The answer is both simple and complex, one best answered in the form of a roadmap. The simplest answer is that we get what we give, therefore if we want more of something, we must give it.

  • I want to help more people become proactive and mindful traders – because it creates a supportive atmosphere for me and others like me, which in turn creates a community one can use to help stay grounded and feel supported.
  • I want to give to others – because only in giving can I receive the resources I need to help build a better world.
  • I want to create more opportunities to grow – Trading is the economic portion of a 5 leveled project I’m working by which I plan to automate cashflow for and that of my organization so that I and others who stand with me can spend more time working on developing ourselves to add more value into the lives of others and our families. My lifestyle is an extension of my work, and my work an extension of me.

To me I view cryptocurrency as the opportunity to build a self-sustainable automated economy. Where those who invest (proof of stake) reap rewards. Where the initial investment that a person commits in time and money allows them to work less on attaining financial freedom, and more on investing in themselves so that they can follow their passions and use those passions to add and create value to the world. My mission is to make my lifestyle a tool, an extension of my life’s work, one that is sustainable, able to nourish not just me, but others too.

Why would I want to nourish others?

Because the world is a mirror. Our values and beliefs are the metrics by which we measure the world, and that metric is the foundation for our wellbeing. How can I have true sustainable happiness, love, abundance, and wealth (a symptom) if I do not want the same for all beings.

I don’t believe it’s possible. And so that’s why I’m here. Sharing with you is part of my personal journey and if that creates value for you, follow and share with others you think it might help too.