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July 2016 Opening Company Developments


The first week of July has been a busy one. With part of our time being focused on raising funds through trading, the other part of our time being focused on building up zenratstudios one feature at a time, and the final part being focused on maintaining mental and emotional health alongside interpersonal relationships we’ve been very busy. Our main goal is to hone our message and build a solid website for people to explore who we are, and then to begin focusing time on raising funds and hiring independent contractors and specialists who can help us create the solution that we envision.


The Main website has been an important focus for us. With most of the work out of the way from last month it is now beginning to ease its way into the back seat. Major accomplishment for us is that:

  • Site is now Mobile Friendly
  • Main Site content has been added


Right now everything on the main site is coded from scratch per post. This is because I am still not comfortable or strong with using PHP templates at the moment and at this point am just ready to move on from the site to actual development of roadmaps, content and projects/jobs for raising funds. The overall focus with the website has shifted less to coding and more to:

  • Having family and friends review and edit content
  • Strengthening front-end and back-end development skills

We’d like to also add a Mission Statement page, a full-FAQ, and an updated donation page but all those things are on hold, with a shift to content and editing. We won’t officially start marketing and putting ourselves out there until we have a fully functioning website that can describe more of what we do. So far we are pretty close, content is now our focus point. Networking and blog building isn’t on the list but it’s a goal.


Top Decisions This Week:

Raising Funds – Bootstrapping centric

This week we made a few decisions for how our company will be moving forward. In particular how we raise our funds as a blockchain-and-company start-up. Ultimately we decided the following:

  • No Angel Investors/Crowdfunding/Crowd sales – We will not be seeking out or accepting Angel Investors and will not be crowdfunding our company through crowd sales. Though we thought about it, ultimately we decided that offering ownership and control of our company and the direction we’re headed to people solely interested in profit and not on creating and giving back value isn’t the direction we want to go. Our goal is to self-fund ourselves as much as possible, to offer value to those who pay-it-forward and to reinvest our profit. Donations are accepted but we are a not for profit based company which does not typically work for the for-profit investor, the latter being the other reason why seeking angel investors is non-compatible with our goal. In normal companies this decision would be a given, but in the blockchain world there is the opportunity to offer crowdsales and tokens which can represent a return of interest. Karma Tokens and other types of tokens we create are only going to be given out to people who contribute to the system and play the pay-it-forward game and/or have a membership.
  • Fundraising Projects – to raise money we will create games and websites that offer utility to our users, every dollar given to use that service will go to our company. Fundraising is based on the million dollar website, where people paid $1 for adspace. We’re taking a similar but somewhat different more game-centric approach. Two fundraising projects that remain in pre-development are Project Graveyard and Project Heart.
  • Membership – At some point we will be offering membership to people with services and benefits attached. That membership will come with a fee and will include a book and publishing service once our platform is up and running. It cost money and time to create a functional membership service so a lot of our focus right now is simply raising funds. Our book and publishing service is a membership service, members get to be part of a community and determine the general direction of the company, to the extent that we are a hybrid decentralized company. More on this to come.
  • Individual Donations – While we won’t be seeking out angel investors we will openly seek out donations. Currently our focus is on digital currency because it is global and anyone can get into it. This in particular takes some problem solving as we decide whether we will accept Bitcoin only or also Fiat, and search for the service that is right for us.
  • Grants – Once we build a platform that people begin to use and creates value we’ll begin seeking out grants.

Our Goal is to be the “Angel” others seek and need in their lives, our mission is to save the world, and raising funds is a way to do that.

Central Strategy

This Month our central focus and strategy will be:

  • Developing Skills & Tools
  • Raising Funds
  • Editing and Creating content
  • Starting efforts on building our first fundraiser (may need to hire help otherwise the fundraiser will take some time as I program it myself)
  • Hiring necessary people once funds have been raised

Once we have a considerable amount of funds we can begin focusing more time on developing or game and book publishing services. Having a team member who excels at marketing and landing pages would be a bonus plus for Zenratstudios. More brain power needed to streamlight this to the next level. Though I must say snail pace is nice, it allows us to take time to enjoy the flowers along our journey, as well as to share the ups and downs, the strategies and tools we use that help or hinder our progress!