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March, April, May Updates – Introducing Zen Rat Trades

There have been many times I started a blog update for the months of March, April and May…and then I stopped. I spent a lot of time reflecting and trying to express what exactly I was trying to do. In the smallest nutshell I’m working to build a self-sustainable organized interconnected network of ecovillages/tribes held together by an automated economy and creed designed with one purpose and one purpose only: to help build a better world, by tackling issues and challenges within ourselves.

My main task has been to look at all the patterns and see how they interconnect and overlap. To then integrate these overlapping patterns together to create rich tools and services on a single all-in-one platform. I model these new platforms after existing models, both in the traditional world and the blockchain world.

The struggle for me has been expressing this. It’s easy to for let’s example talk about Education and just education, but to talk about all the interconnecting nodes well… It’s been much harder to express than I had anticipated.

Instead of worrying about what to say or how to express this, I’ve focused on just building what I want to build. I will start by focusing on myself, building this on a small-scale that works for me and my family, then I will include friends and family, and then through invite only I will begin to accept others to use what I have to offer. Because the economy on a grand scale is my focus, and because economy represents finances, the financial health of an individual vs. the financial collective health of many individuals; my focus has changed from the front-end to the back-end “economy”.

Summaries of March – May

  1. Website – re-building it began in late January, I completed it in Late March.
  2. Incorporation – I began working on my incorporation strategy shortly after, the goal was to get incorporated so we could get a bank account and have legitimacy in the “Fiat-world”. I’ve since decided to focus on developing in the Crypto-world, and creating a bridge to the real world using Trust-Entities as opposed to Organizations for the increased flexibility. I’m engineering a new society with its own self-funding economy. Emphasis is placed on automation tools and innovative technologies on one side, and personal health, well-being and growth on the other.
  3. Team building – I was focused on trying to build the team; as I, as Kieran Murghein was the only one really pushing to get things done. I was unable to delegate tasks to team members because when I did they didn’t get done. I see myself as a Solopreneur, alone I can get far, together we can save the world is my motto, but right now I’m choosing to walk alone, to apply my methods and models on a small individual scale and refine the strategy in a formula I can hand to team members in a packet when the time is right. I’m focused on growing solitary, figuring myself out, managing me, communicating me, before adding other people I have to struggle to manage on top of myself.
  4. Trading – In May I decided instead of trying to do 1-3 I would focus on trading and building revenue to focus myself on raising money through trades full-time. My success caused a lot of people in my family and even some friends to reach out to me for assistance. My focus right now is reaching a point of self-sustainability and sufficiency in my own life, and once I meet those milestones graduating onward to include more and more services following the same guidelines I use to grow the overall organizations worth.

One of the biggest things that might change is how much I emphasize games in my next strategy. I began this project as a game developer, I designed the original front-end system with Hero Points and Guardian Points. I believed that reality was broken and games can fix it. I truly believed that taking serious topics and embedding them in a game setting could change the world in a fun and exciting way. I’m not sure anymore if a gamified service is what people want; or if people would much rather a more serious approach be taken; a mentorship program, a community aspect that is encouraging and light-hearted. Perhaps I need a mentor or more feedback to help me figure out the best way to merge these worlds in a way that doesn’t turn off the audiences who need it the most, while engaging the people who need it. Alternatively maybe it’s just the style of games I focus on that may have to change to reflect the audience. Either way, everything is on pause while I focus on self-funding my life and the project. To feed myself, my family, and then, to feed others too.

Changing Trajectory

I have spent the good part of this past year trying to organize a team, reaching out to people, and trying to express the larger vision of our mission. I went out into the community worked on trying to start a gardening group, to be the first seed of our pay it forward system; I went out there looking for team members who could see the bigger picture and work together for a common goal. Some people joining the team felt we weren’t a real organization because we lacked incorporation; while others wasted my time by not showing up for assignments. And then there were members on the team who saw the vision, and had the passion but had no time to commit to it.

I realized that not only did I, as Kieran Murghein, failed to communicate and maintain contact with the community, but that I was too busy trying to be social and build relationships, depending on those relationships – instead of working with my solitary nature.


  • I couldn’t dedicate myself to trading to raise funds while working on this site (funds that would have allowed me to delegate tasks to qualified individuals)
  • I couldn’t dedicate myself to social media (needed to build relationships and generate interest)
  • I didn’t have the desire to try to come up with interesting blog topics that people would want to read to make my blog interesting
  • I didn’t have time to try and build my internet presence (I didn’t feel like blogging, I preferred working both on my projects and on my own life)
  • I failed to communicate and express the grand scheme and what it was I was doing or trying to do
  • I couldn’t be a parent, manage a hungry team, learn skills, build the back-end and front-end at the same time
  • I didn’t have the time or resources to manage and train team members
  • I didn’t have the skillset needed to do everything all on my own so constantly had to learn on the job or go back (having no one to work with who shared the same vision and time availability)
  • I overwhelmed people when I shared too many details, felt like I wasn’t giving enough details when I shared only the surface
  • I increasingly felt like “we” are working on this became “I” am working on this (shift from entrepreneur mindset to solopreneur mindset)
  • My roadmaps and whitepapers were gibberish/noise, not well written
  • I didn’t feel we were ready to incorporate (legal costs, maintenance costs, overhead)
  • I felt I wanted to focus on organizing the back-end and structuring the data to communicate it (data analysis and organization) : to individuals, teams, at varying levels.

In the end I felt like my solitary trading and focus on finances were more successful as an introvert, than my attempts to be social and engage and try to rally people around a vision and helping me express that vision. So I decided to focus on what I was good at, making money, growing money, through trades; and ultimately sharing that financial knowledge. Since finances make up the entire back-end of the organization, and since that was under-developed I switched focus to that. It seems odd but this entire concept has grown through a top-down approach, as I grow, from the front-end, the back-end, what’s underneath grows, expands and changes and the front-end adapts to reflect the changes of the underlying core. This organization has been a representation of my growth; it’s a living entity, and that fascinates me at time. As I evolve personally, as I gain awareness personally, so too does what I’m trying to build.


  • I decided to focus solely on building the back-end (developing the financial ecosystem, portfolios, trades, insurance)
  • I decided to stop trying to get people to see the value but to build and bootstrap myself
  • I decided to stop chasing after team members and focus on it myself
  • I decided to raise funds and delegate to qualified individuals as I could afford to do it; and also to invest in my own self to continue building
  • I decided to grow wealth by using the ‘greed’ of others through trading cryptocurrency full-time and developing technology and tools to fund my philanthropic goals
  • I decided to focus on refining, expanding and getting feedback from close friends
  • I decided to design our organization through a series of Trusts and ‘blockchain organizations’
  • I decided to make sure my needs and my families needs are met first (family first), to build tools that work for us and then to gradually include others with me as I grow; rather than to try to include them with me at the same time as the journey or after.
  • I decided to focus on sharing knowledge in ways that are manageable to me; without obligation and pressure
  • I realized the core of what makes Zenratstudios special is our Technology and Financial sector –not- the games and stories which serve only to create engagement.
  • I changed my opinion on blockchain as being unnecessary.
  • I realized that everything I wanted to build could be built in the crypto-world, and that I wanted to embrace the cryptocommunity completely (financially)
  • I also realized that I needed a way to protect Assets and studying the history of Trusts felt trusts to be superior to Organizations – allowing our “Micronation” to exist and hold property legally across countries without risking our property getting confiscated if done right
  • I decided that building a system based on libertarian ideals, philanthropy and with a goal to grow into autonomy is a good thing not a bad thing
  • I also decided that being philosophical/spiritual/based is a good thing
  • I realized if done right we don’t have to register our parent company as a church to be tax-exempt or recognized as our own ‘mini-nation’.
  • I decided to get licensed for insurance to create an insurance captive company that will be the back-end of our economy, portfolios managed by Zen Rat Trades
  • I’m no longer interested in building relationships and trust with people; it’s not my job to convince anyone of anything.
  • I have decided to let my work speak for itself.
  • I’ve decided to build products that work for me and an inner-circle of people. We will save the world one person at a time through the people who participate in the inner-circle. The group will be divided into Heroes and Guardians.
  • I decided to stop shying away and reframing what I mean, because I’m not here to convince or argue with people, I don’t need to reframe, to make palatable what I’m trying to do.
  • I am focusing on trading, building the economy for me and my family first: taking care of me and us, and then when it’s ready I will gradually share with others.
  • I am focused on investing in myself and in technology
  • I’m focused more on the back-end not the front-end, and you don’t really ‘see’ the back-end.
  • And More

Zen Rat Trades – The Financial Sector Has Been Born

Sometime after getting the website up in February or March I realized it was time to raise revenue for incorporation. I failed to connect with audience and members, what I was building was too complex for me to express. I realized that my trades as an essential part of my Economy back-end and that some things I wanted to build were best suited. I needed to incorporate our company, so I needed to focus on raising funds. In my journey I encountered different incorporation options, and while researching what to do while being unincorporated, I discovered the concept of being your own insurance company. Since I had been researching how to become a licensed trader; I realized that I could model my economy the way insurance companies work which was just another financial institution. Insurance companies take premiums and use the ROI to trade; the rest is saved and used in case of accidents. You can also take loans from your insurance. When I look at an Insurance company, they represent the individual on a larger scale. The practice of risk-management, investment-management, and good saving techniques is built into that model.

My mission is now to build a blockchain-based captive insurance company for the organization. Where the insurance company works much like a shadow-bank. The organization’s ecosystem will be modeled the way an insurance company works with a built in saving mechanism. It will have an inbuilt passive income or ROI built into the saving fund through trading assets. You can take loans out against yourself but you always have to put back in more than what you took out to keep it maintained. Zen Rat Trades is the front-end portfolio managing branch of a back-end financial economy. It is the key to what I’m trying to build, on an individual scale, and on a larger scale.

My focus now is on building my capital, taking care of us first and reinvesting the rest of that revenue earned into building assets, tools and technology. Through this service I will be mentoring and teaching qualified people how to trade; will have an inner-circle that advises. And in time Zen Rat Trades will be a captive-cryptocurrency based insurance company that functions like its own shadow bank for inner-circle members only who meet a strict set of criteria. Members will be divided into Heroes, Guardians & Layman. This financial sector will be the economy for our decentralized and autonomous “sangha”. There is more to mention here but I will need more time to focus on framing this.

As a result I’ve decided to shift my services from offering games and books and education to solely focusing for right now on offering financial mentorship, advice and guidance through the cryptocommunity. I will not be marketing myself; as I intend to make most of my seed profit through trading. Though if people like my work and feel it helps them, I would hope they pay it forward.

What Work Do I have To Do

As of right now the website is behind.

  1. Roadmap – I have to update the Roadmap to reflect new changes, to make it cleaner
  2. Milestones – I need to add a list of milestones and share what my personal goals are for myself and the layers of growth that I see for the organization as a whole
  3. FAQ – I would like to update our FAQ
  4. Whitepapers – I would like to write up some whitepapers or something similar that talks about some projects I am working on.
  5. Trade – continue to raise money and Trade
  6. Trade Guides – write up guides and offer assistance to traders

Use funds generated to build our blockchain-services-platform projects connected to trusts — “Write about”:

  1. Exchange – I would like to share details of a membership-only exchange for Guardians that combines the best of Poloniex, EON, Shapeshift, Prism, Circle, NVO.io, and Coinbase – but that does not oblige by FATCA, and protects the identify of members who are not bad actors. It will have its own KYC/AML in place, but once members are identified and approved their identity will be kept in escrow, only to be revealed based on consensus if they break rules within our personal creed they will be reported to the proper authorities. Our creed is simple: help not harm. We are very selective because we don’t want to fund and help bad actors who hurt other people; we only want to work with people who pay it forward and contribute back to the community, and we want to protect the identity of the Guardians who serve us from people who would want to hurt them.
  2. Technology projects – Game Engines, A.I, and more…
  3. Other Tools – and more.