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Moratorium on Front-End, Shift in Focus

There’s been a lot of radio silence this month for Zenratstudios. More silence than we’ve been comfortable with. That’s because Zenratstudios on the front-end is run predominately by a single person and has been working behind the scenes quietly with a small team of dual personas who contribute thoughts, advisement and expertise but not -content- itself.

Others once on the team included: My ex-girlfriend, dubbed Isolt who dropped out in the middle of our first game “Winter Solstice” which was meant to tackle mental illness. My alter ego is the only personal strength I have which could advise and mentor me on business and finances but did not have some of the skillset required to expand the business on the technological scope it needed. Neither of us were strong programmers or artists and we also didn’t know what to do with social media. There was so much to do and to learn, on the front-end that needed to be done and get neglected as we focused on the back-end. Especially as our scope expanded and what we wanted even on the most basic level required, well, help. These things included:

Social Media, Marketing, Design/Art, Writing and Editing Content for the website, Site Maintenance, Programming, Building a Team, Communicating with the team — there were so many things that we together didn’t have the skills to do on our own. So we put our heads together and came to the decision that we needed to focus on bootstrapping and raising funds for our business on the back-end side so that we could hire people to help us build the type of system that can help others, moreover for the scope we want to do it on, we want to apply blockchain technology and more.

What we want to do as Zenratstudios is much more than just selling games for self-improvement, it’s so much larger than that.We genuinely want to help make the world a better world, one story at a time, one game at a time, one PERSON at a time, through you.

It’s dawned on me that I cannot do this whole thing only. As a  leader I am only as good as my team and that I don’t yet have a team with the right skills, my team consisting of me, myself and I (which is an understatement) was weak in all the areas our project needed, though strong in others. Therefore focusing our energy on raising the funds became our primary goal over content. That means we need to focus on putting ourselves out there and facing the world that we hide from.

On the back-end Zenratstudios wants to create an ecosystem that rewards people for going out into their community, for playing games, for enjoying life. We want to build worlds and publish rpg games and novels based on self research and development and more, we want to use alternate reality based games based on self-development to encourage people to play, we want to tackle mental illness, and poverty, and hunger, and we want to do it through each individual. One way of building an ecosystem a community is through technology. Altcoins/Digital Currency/Cryptocurrency and Blockchains. There are amazing technologies we want to integrate into our system, technologies like Ethereum, Lisk, and coins like Gamecredits, Bitcrystals. There are apps out there that use this technology to pay people to WALK, imagine what we can do when we reward people for paying it forward, and working on themselves, when we use games and gamification to save the world. That’s what we want to do. This is truly vast in scope, and I’m just not capable of doing this on my own anymore, this is much bigger than us.

With the suggestion from my close friend and sidekick (my inner guide), I’ve decided to put a moratorium on the front-end aspects of our business and have shifted focus to fundraising on the back-end so that we can hire workers and delegate important front-end tasks to people who are truly good at it instead of trying to stitch it together.

The reason why we’re bootstrapping instead of going to kickstarter is because we’re not that savvy and managing a fundraiser, updating people, twitter, facebook, all that requires a team of people that we don’t have. It’s just the two of us right now. Start-ups usually take 1-3 years before they really get going, we’re in our first official year. And so we are going to spend our first year attempting to raise the funds through trade. Those funds that we bootstrap and raise through trading will be used to build the foundation of our ecosystem, where workers are rewarded and paid for their investments.

One way we hope to reward workers is through something similar to decentralized organizations and blockchain using some platform such as Stratis, Ethereum, Lisk or something other  to pay workers and members within our system. This may require programming and coders to build, and is so much bigger in scope than we initially thought it was, but for what we want to do, it’s worth it. With this stated. We want to build our company and hire workers using a blockchain system and are going to be taking the time to raise the funds we need to bring in experienced leaders and programmers to help us develop that and work on those plans. We’ll attempt to bootstrap first AND THEN we will work on a fundraiser.

Radio Silence will continue as we work on reaching our goals. If I were a good programmer or had a resource I’d add a bar here that tracks our fundraising projects, join Zenratstudios on twitter for more news as it relates to this!