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Projects We Are Working On


My Medusa series was started around the year 2005 / 2006, the research for it began when around 2001 / 2002 during my time in Catholic school when I first began questioning who God is and what it is. I was a very inquisitive child who asked a lot of questions and one of my questions was figuring out who had the right God and where it all came from. My journey led me to spending many years of research, creation and self-discovery which turned itself into a series that has been my life.

I stopped working on the series around 2013 to focus on my mental health and in my attempts to go social. But at 2016 I feel that my Novel is about to make a comeback. One key thing about this series which is several books long, with its own language, encyclopedia and world lore is that it tackles war, systematic hatred and rape (how far back it goes), and a society that tears itself apart trying to keep outsiders from destroying it within. It also tackles self-discovery within a crowd, particularly a traumatized crowd.

When I initially wrote the novel I felt like it was too dark for the public. I felt writing characters who have been raped systematically was not appropriate for the world we live in today. I felt a lot of shame with this novel, because I wanted to tackle the issues using Medusa as a pinnacle for all my life’s questions but I also didn’t want to cause a backlash. Only now in 2016 do I realize that what I have been writing tackles real issues going on in the world, and I am positive that there is a place in this world for this book.

It’s a book that tackles: War, systematic Rape, Collective Consciousness, Self-Discovery, Healing Wounds (both individually and collectively), and more.

It is currently over 15 books long, broken up into series and follows the life of one soul from birth to end across parallel universes, and times, tying all these different worlds together. It has been my life’s work and the reason why I got into games in the first place. It was once nicknamed “The Medusa Project” a.k.a. “The Compassion Project”, using characters who have traditionally been used as Villains to show compassion in their perspective. The Compassion Project has evolved into Zenratstudios, and bled into “The Guardians of Life”.


I am currently juggling so much work and have a list of things I’d like to release to the public, but I can only focus on one thing at a time. One service at a time. In another post I’ll go over a few projects that I am working on for the immediate future that I would like to release within the next 1-3 years, sooner if I can get together a good team.

These are just ‘rough’ explanations because the more time I spend writing here the less time I spend working on them:


The Game Afterlife is a Card game, that has its origins on a bot game I created during school and my original Medusa series. While I still plan to expand that game, due to my limited programming skills and my desire to create an RPG card game I began building this game. It’s a tool for self-discovery that allows users to travel through the underworld to discover who they are. This is a card game in need of some serious art design, and perhaps a second game designer who doubles as a writer to help test and brainstorm the game.


Winter Solstice

Is the first game I started for release before switching to Afterlife. It was built or is being built in Unity. I am an artist but I am not a game artist and not very good, I encountered many issues that prevented this game from coming through to the end. One major issue was the loss and break-up with my best friend/girlfriend. Working on a game about mental illness only exacerbated my mental illness, so I turned to working on Afterlife a tool that was meant to help me heal and find myself and I hope others too. For this game a programmer and a strong artist is needed.


Syrian Trail of Tears

By summer I wanted to create a text-based game called the Syrian Trail of Tears. I don’t just want to tackle Syrian crisis’s. But this is the first game of my Refugee and 4th world series. I’d love to create a card & board game for this game, but we’re going to start with a text-based game. I’ve begun working on this game in the background, and am looking for a strong team of writers to help with this.


Guardians of Life (ARG)

For this game an experienced ARG developer is needed, but a block chain developer is needed as well. This is part of our pay-it-forward game, and is much more global. It’s probably the biggest part of what our company is made of, and I am not entirely sure if I can develop it as one person.


Medusa’s Kingdom

Is a text-based Interactive Fiction game based on the Medusa Series I’ve been working on based on the novel. Medusa’s Kingdom has various versions both text-based and art-based. More on these to come.



I have two fundraisers I am working on. Project Graveyard and Project Heart. I’ve been torn between which of my projects to focus on, we’re not ready to release details, but Project Graveyard is targeted towards people who struggle to let the past go, and Project Heart is targeted towards non-profits, activists, blog writers whose blogs are meant to make a difference, and more.

I’ve been torn because I am not sure where to start!


In a following post I’ll post more descriptions of the initial work we’re creating and some tools that help with the work flow when I get a chance. It’s somewhat hard to Market a Company, build games, and more on our own. I am looking for a solid and experienced team, who believe in this vision and would work with me on using games to make a difference. We need artists, programmers, marketers, and developers. Failing to find that I am continuing to work on these games and developing their scripts on my own. As a writer who is doubling as the programmer and collecting free or low cost art assets online I feel marketing at the same time is too hard. I don’t know how to single-handedly run a company as just one person, but I believe in this vision and this dream, and I am learning. I will continue to work on creating these games over the course of the next 1-3 years on my own or with a team, until I have a product that is ready for launch.

In the mean time I am exploring ways to raise money, funds, and awareness for Zenratstudios. This month of July I’ve somewhat decided to shift focus to bootstrapping and game developing because I have the bug, the itch to write and build some games. I’m yearning to create and get started on the roots for some of these projects.

One of my goals may be looking to build a compatible team of writers and developers on a per project basis. I am looking for kindred spirits, and a specific set of team members. I’ve reached out to friends and family but may try to branch out beyond those friendships to meet new people around the world who want to make a difference.