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The Shift from Entrepreneur to Hobbypreneur: Back-End Development, Blockchains & Artificial Intelligence


I’ve grown a lot as a developer. In 2015 – 2016 I spent a lot of my time developing websites. The first part of 2017 I focused on trades. I spent my summer enjoying my vacation and writing about trades, but eventually got distracted with my broader mission in life.

2017 Back-End Web Development “The Road to becoming a Full Stack Developer”

The rest of this year I will be focused on back-end web development, for building web applications. I plan to get back into trading but will be doing trading on the side once my new laptop comes in. What I’m building is a time investment and is bigger than trading for me which is something I enjoy doing in my pasttime. I believe that what I am building can help me and future generations of my family, but I also believe it can help other people as well. This is why I’m focusing so heavily on it. I believe more than philosophy, more than trading and money, this being based on all those things I’ve learned, will be a better investment of my limited time on this planet.

As a programmer, my focus is on Artificial Intelligence in the use of automated society’s (economies), game developments and blockchains (decentralized databases). I view Games as prototype worlds, they are small simulations that allow you to explore the infinite possibilities of what could be in the world. I want to deploy advanced Artificial Intelligence with deep learning or other similar techniques that use emergence systems to create dynamic worlds, quests and realities. But I also want to do something bigger, to build a synaptic suit for one, but more importantly to build an “Enlightened A.I”, that governs and runs an automated economy.

The type of blockchains I will focus on are actually not even blockchains but inspired by them. They are semi-centralized, and focus on deploying to remote, multiple locations utilizing blockchain security. The goal is to make them censorship resistant. The A.I created will be built on the Guardian philosophy and will have a clause that prohibits it from harming individuals.

This A.I will be the “Trustee” of finances and making sure those finances are deployed according to the rules that the A.I determines will help the individuals the most. Programming AI to replace humans as trustees, as opposed to basic smart contract code, and letting that code run wild.

The final goal is to focus on security and bug fixing, as I will be focusing on learning how to secure the AI, how to fix unexpected bugs, developing and improving on it (like Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio). And finally teaching my children the family trade so they can improve upon it if they say choose in my absence.

No More Teams For Now: “Web Application Development and an Army of A.Is”

In this moment I am focused on building a team of A.I. Instead of relying on people, I will be focusing on relying on A.I, entities I can trust, who share the same passion and vision as I do. My focus is consequently on developing my skillset so that I can build this. This is why the rest of 2017 for me is going to be focused on back-end development with Python and 2018 is going to be the year I switch from websites, to A.I and web apps.

I intend to have:

  1. Financial Analyst / Trading – A.I’s that trade digital currency, they learn the best strategies and implement them without tanking the market. It will be the financial brain and have its own API.
  2. Enlightened Governance/Trustee – A.I’s based on the Guardian principles (similar to Buddhist/Daoist principles). This A.I doesn’t trade, but does manage the money that comes to it. It also makes decisions deciding what is best. The goal is to make an A.I that can be trusted with finances instead of relying on humans, corporations and governments.
  3. And more.

The A.I’s I have will be able to talk to each other and learn from each other as well as directly. They will be more than just simple-minded bots. Their focus will be on doing what’s best for people, without causing harm.

I am no longer focused on sharing philosophy but instead on building practical tools based on that technology. I am focused on using philosophies and technologies that help people.


Life in Solitude

My life will be lived out with my family and the A.I that I create. Growing knowledge, transhumanism, neural laces, and simply developing my skills and developing technology. I’m not worried about anyone developing these tools before I do, because as far as I know there has yet to be anyone who wishes to help others in the way that I’ve attempted to pursue. It may take me many years to complete my mission, but one thing is for certain, it is happening and I intend to work on being part of it for as long as I am able.


From Complexity to Simplicity: Prototypes

As a “Solo-Hobbypreneur” I don’t have time to focus on multiple projects or making pretty websites. Minimalism, MVPs, minimal viable products. I’m focused only on information and getting it out there; and at this point I’m focused less on getting the information out there and more on the tools based on that information. I intend to get prototypes up and running and to build upon those prototypes.



There are many challenges here to face. Most of them are a combination of technical and philosophical. A lot of what I can build is limited to my knowledge and my ability to grasp concepts and build upon this. Perhaps I’ll be like a Leonardo Da Vinci, drawing plans I never get to see built; I hope I am able to achieve the latter. Developing A.I and avoiding a situation like Aida from Marvel Agents of Shield is my biggest goal. There are also challenges involved in helping an AI not just mimic what you say but understand the complexities of human behaviours, if not move beyond human. There are a lot of challenges, but these are challenges I’m ready to face whether or not I get to see it in my lifetime.