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The Unconditional Life: A Series On Cultivating Unconditional Love

This post is a Table of Contents presenting the start of an ongoing series related to cultivating the Unconditionals required for living The Unconditional Life. In this way Life is synonymous to our method or lifestyle that enables us to serve and live with true Unconditional Love.

  1. We Are Small, To The Big Vast Sky – In this article I challenge us to view problems and struggles we face from the conditional perspective of time.
  2. Mastering Reality – preparing our mind to be rewired for change and why we’d want to.
  3. The Prevailing Method – reflects on the prevailing method of Meditation for doing this and the challenge to apply it to our lives.
  4. The Unconditionals – the unconditionals required for cultivating wisdom, this takes the form of the Unconditional Life as I have learned to perceive it in this moment.


Even as a mother protects with her life her child, her only child, so with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings. – Sutta Nipata 1.8

Most of my work is focused on Love, Unconditional Love and serving with that Love through our livelihood and lifestyle. From as far back as I can remember feeling as though something was wrong with me. Consequently from the age of 7 possibly before that I went on a quest to learn all I could about myself and the world around me with the goal of ‘fixing’ me. Not surprisingly this desire to fix myself was also reflected in my belief that the world was broken and needed to be fixed. This view was a reflection of the state of my mind.

I felt and experienced the world differently and still continue to. I questioned everything right down to reality, who we are and our experiences in it. I lamented love and our inability to accept and love each other as we are with freedom, understanding, and the conditions we imposed and the abandonment that resulted from it. I’ve since learned that we can’t give what we don’t give ourselves and that how we treat others is a reflection of our own inner-world. To fix the world we must start where we are and fix ourselves. It’s the only thing we can fix.

I consequently spent most of my life looking for an antidote for my mind a way to fix myself. To date the solution I have found was the very balm I needed and sought from others: Unconditional Love, Freedom, Acceptance — Happiness. It’s been said that if we want to receive something we must learn to give it, and so I’ve built and continue building my life around the cultivation and concept of Unconditional Love healing ourselves with it, and serving the world through our lifestyles pertaining to it.

I spend a lot of my time behind the scenes doing one of three things: Researching, Developing Tools, and Cultivating a Lifestyle conducive to the values that I have. The tools I prioritizing working on developing are related to self-discovery and exploration, with themes like: Death, love, emptiness, source, yin/yang, and more.

To date I read various books from spiritual teachers and ordinary people searching for insight and wisdom, as well as meditating and reflecting on my own insights and evolving wisdoms. I don’t feel I have anything new to really say that hasn’t been said before more eloquently than others, but I do repeat the message that my heart desires to speak from all that it has learned while simultaneously planting seeds in my work and life as part of my practice of cultivating unconditional love, wisdom and well-being in my own life.

It is with my wish that the tools I develop, the work I create and the life I cultivate and live will be of use to the world and serving the people in it.