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Top 20 Affirmations Every Trader Needs To Know


Repeat after Me

  1. I am responsible for my own life
  2. I hold myself accountable for all my decisions
  3. I manage risk not lottery tickets
  4. I focus on mindfulness, patience and self-discipline
  5. I am flexible and able to prepare for any scenario the market throws at me
  6. I adapt and adjust my strategy to the market, not the market to me
  7. I go with the flow and ride the waves of whatever life & the market throw at me
  8. I am able to step away when my mind is not calm
  9. I see opportunities for entering trades
  10. I create clear exit plans and stick to them
  11. I make continuous profits through my effort
  12. I am focused on growing slowly not quickly and overnight
  13. I use my wealth to add value to the lives of those around me
  14. The more I earn, the more I can serve others beyond just myself
  15. I manage my money wisely
  16. I give value to those who will grow in value and share that value with others
  17. I am the Master of my own life and take ownership of my life accordingly
  18. There is room for everyone to succeed, not just me
  19. I have the potential to make great decisions
  20. I work hard effortlessly, because I love what I do